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And I sold my Dash when they were worth only $ 20! Enough to jump out the window! lol

I hate to say this, but there are probably grateful people [on this very forum] who traded with you when your desire for fiat was higher.

That said, the comment above is still likely to be correct, Dash is in its infancy. Good luck my friend. Welcome back.
Probably foaming (not 'fomo-ing') up like crazy right now with this 25% correction - and counting - in the last few hours.

How low can YOU go?

(Fucking XRP ffs.)


Here's the buying opportunity u dreamt of!

It's down 27% as I write this.

Mind you don't cut your hands on any 'falling knives' though. (I hope you understand the analogy.)

Personally I'm HODLING. :)
The great crypto blood bath is here I think, This has been coming for a while now with people buying any shitcoin out there without understanding.
This is a good time to sit tight and buy up some more while people panic sell.