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Rebranding and Scalability

Hi webshaun,

I respectfully disagree. Many of us have pushed for this name change for nearly a year. The name change for many of us in merchant world, needed this to happen. If the domain of DASH was to be for the hobbist and lets say dark web uses ....many of us bigger investors in this coin would have had to help develop other solutions for anon private crypto currency that would used in real world commerce.
There are many posts on here regarding that....but there would be no way for mass real world adoption with the name darkcoin. Would never happen and eventually Evan also so that road block in trying to get merchant, commercial as well as main stream users on board. Especially as a competitor to Bitcoin.
I for one have already been in contact with equipment suppliers in Germany and Italy for winery equipment that see huge potential for payment/currency solution such as this....I would transacting in the hundreds of thousands of dollars USD. There would be no hope in this discussion starting if it would called Darkcoin, for many obvious reasons.

Ok noted but the keyword "dashpay" is still a negative word, I don't want to pay, I want to receive. Bitcoin defines what it is, digital currency. Dash pay sounds more like a western union service. I'm really concerned that this name is not going to make it. It's a bad pick. There is a genuine, innovative and inspiring name out there. It's not dash.