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RC4 and price

Well well well. I grabbed some more coins today and setup another masternode. :). That's gives me 2. Small I know but hey, every but helps.

I've just noticed the low is over, 0.78p for those that are British. It's now trading at £1.20! Get in!
I bought literally as much as I could possibly afford over the last two weeks. I'm super annoyed that I didn't wait until today but feeling really cheerful about what the next year or so will bring.
As i feel somehow being "Co": I still own every single DRK i have originally bought (unfortunately i was not a early bird) or i got from donations. My four masternodes still running :)

Had small chat with Evan during his nightly insomnia, and we both agree: Darkcoin is much greater than all of us - so stay tuned ;)
Huh, as in you are looking to onboard other big names to the team?!?

I hope Evan can get a good night sleep soon, he deserves it
For shits and giggles: MaidSafeCoin & Namecoin surpassed us in Market Capitalization. I need to get a life even if Darkcoin is losing its :smile:
Well this has been an interesting few days. One observation I've made is that crypto (mostly DRK) is being systematically dumped to BTC and then an hour or so later being dumped into fiat. This has happened at least twice a day for the last few days now - in varying volumes - and it's continuing to happen... I may be wrong but I think the seller(s) haven't finished yet, and whatever the motive we could see further volatility in the next few days. I'm going to treat this as an opportunity to load up on cheap DRK and set up a couple more masternodes (set up my first last week!). The fundamentals haven't changed and I'm really excited about the potential of this project so people just need to hold there nerve out there. BTC went from $25 down to $3 at one point... This is no different.