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Public Dash Slack Community

  • We have on average 5000 messages per week with half in public channels

It's been great seeing the Slack grow over the past several months. Now more than 20,000 messages per week from a lot more people!
Thank you to all who are participating to make the Slack an engaging place, and especially helping to connect new Dash users with the information they need
Only 2 days left to submit designs for the bumper sticker contest. Hop onto DashChat and post your bumper sticker idea in the #contests channel. You can signup for dashchat at Dashchat.co.

Bumper Sticker Contest
We are holding a bumper sticker contest for the best 3" x 10" bumper sicker design. When complete we plan to make a run of 100-1000 bumper stickers to sell and giveaway at shows. We would like to include the Dash Logo and Dash Slogan on the bumper sticker. The idea is to have something interesting and funny intended for the general population to bring attention to Dash. So use common words(not blockchain, crypto). If you can incorporate InstantSend, even better.

Winner gets: 5 Dash
Contest Ends: Sept 18th
The winning slogan is: DashChat, The Dash Discussion

Here is a sampling of 3 designs submitted.

I requested access to your Slack group, but it gives me an error message when I put in my email address. I'm part of other Slack groups, so I'm not sure why it's happening.
I tried to send an invite request, but I received an error message that my timeclock was incorrect. I have never received an error like this and am not sure if it is correct and if it is, can you tell me how to synch it?