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Proposal: KeePass integration

Small update: There is a first working version ready in dev. Available at https://github.com/freynder/darkcoin/tree/keepass

It will need some considerable refactoring though as I'm not very happy with what the code looks like. It makes use of crypter.h and openssl base64 enc/decoding which impose a lot of conversions through casts and memcpy operations. Also needs to be reviewed for secure allocation.

This will be done in the next few days.

Some additional information for the current version:

Sample darkcoin.conf extract:

Sample initialization flow from darkcoin-qt console (this needs to be done only once to set up the association):
  • Have KeePass running with an open database
  • Add an entry in KeePass for storing the wallet passphrase. Choose a unique url (unfortunately, a url is needed to match the entry)
  • Start darkcoin-qt
  • Open console
  • type: "keepass init" in darkcoin-qt console
  • (keepass pops up and asks for an association id, fill that in)
  • response: Association successful. Id: test_darkcoin - Key: AgQkcs6cI7v9tlSYKjG/+s8wJrGALHl3jLosJpPLzUE=
  • Edit darkcoin.conf and fill in these values
  • Restart darkcoin-qt

Sample usage:
  • To unlock the wallet, one can now type walletpassphrase keepass 60. This will retrieve the password from keepass and unlock the wallet.

very cool !
can not wait

am in touch with keepass , they have no interest in adopting DRK for donations in the moment (I try to find out why but have not heard back from him yet, very nice German guy) but he is definately interested to hear how your integration project is working as he wants to promote that on his webpage (when done)
let's wait until you are a 100% and then I get back in touch with him