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Proposal: Hiring of Top-level Dash Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Thank you @dashdisciple!

In view of your update:

I am officially rescinding my offer to help with recruitment (as stated in the proposal), and the same goes for @abob54. If there's any specific nuts and bolts help or advice we can offer when it comes time to recruit, we can be available to whichever trusted Dash member heads up this task, but for the good of Dash and our desire to see top marketing talent working for Dash, we will not get between the MNOs and the candidate.

I now consider the issue resolved. I understand this proposal to be an opinion poll on this question:

We would like the Dash DAO to begin the immediate search and recruitment of a high-level Chief Marketing Officer, to be paid entirely in Dash, by the Dash DAO. Vote in favor of this proposal if you agree that the Dash DAO should begin this recruiting process.

As such I consider this to be a survey proposal and therefore outside the scope of the PEC.

I shall remove my report immediately, which I hope will enable MNOs to move on and concentrate on the real issue at hand.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy voting!