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Proposal: HCPP Conference in Prague and preparation for it with meetup in August


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Continuation of https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-cz-sk-strategic-promotion-of-dash-before-hcpp-conference-in-prague.9907/.

I am fully covering translations and conference in relation to received feedback. Thanks to the soon to be published GreyHost's materials I will be able to translate these and localize them (it will require localizing toward local law as well and it is about 20 pages long) and other thing is that I am going to push forward potential partnerships for dash as stated below in field of investment and in field of business developement of dash. When there will be really great amount of opportunites discovered I will do another proposal to cover details.

Trailer from previous year

This proposal is about:
- HCPP Conference & meetup
- Translations for CZ/SK community and individual/institutional investors
- Marketing of all that
- Business developement of Dash
- Bringing new investors to dash

75 Dash + 5 Dash reimbursement proposal

Money will be used for:

20% Meetup in Prague
40% translations of Dash Detailed, dash core, most important stuff & GreyHost investment materials that will be localized, his materials are going public in days as he stated in PM)
10% Bringing new investors/Business developement (there are some ATM companies, Trezor is being made here etc. we need full market potential)
10% project management mainly of translations (thanks to @alex-ru we will do a lot more translations for the same price than on local market, we are using international freelancers, more translations will reguire a lot more coordination)
20% Marketing and PR for Dash - it will bring huge amounts of people to localized materials and build legitimacy for investors

50% Prague conference - we are going to have a presentation there, more info coming soon as I am still talking with event management
30% translations
20% marketing and PR

Manually vote on this proposal:
dash-cli mnbudget vote-many 4094e24ad51d39592ba899fad9d736d7b8f21b80d777ecc3aefb735e1020ce63 yes
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Please copy this and paste it into the DashWhale proposal page. I know you link to here, but many people just want to read it there, and discuss it there, so it's always important to cross post :)

Great initiative.
Done. Unfortunately the button with youtube video is not working properly on dashwhale so I had to link it.
Short update on critical issues:
  • Meetup scheduled for 13. September. I do expect 40+ ppl just for meetup. It will be in the same place as the conference
  • Conference - still in talks with event management (ppl/programme is not in final version)

http://hcpp.cz/media/files/hcpp2016-donors-booklet.pdf - is something we could go for as well to make stronger impact.

It could be good idea to have some strong figure of Dash space as a backup. - PM me your ideas please

I do want to make this suceed 100% but as always there are things that rely on other people and I cannot guarantee results. :)