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[Proposal] Dashmate Remote Control


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Dashmate Remote Control
Mobile application for monitoring your dashmate nodes

Hey folks, I would like to propose a new project that will ease maintenance of your hosted dashmate nodes. I have already created a sample application that proves that this scheme works using Flutter (IOS + Android), but its not yet picked up by anyone in work yet.

What is Dashmate?
Dashmate is a command line tool, that allows you to easily deploy dash masternodes and hpmns. Instead of going through many complicated steps to install, register and setup different components in order to start your node, it easies everything out by providing a neat UI wizard that will guide you through all necessary steps. It utilizes Docker stack to run all the stuff so you don't need to worry about your system environment. This is very powerful tool that includes everything that masternode operator would possibly need: you can start, stop, update, and check status of your nodes.

$ dashmate setup

     |\_/|     ╭───────────────────────────────────────────────╮
    / @ @ \    │           Hello! I'm your Dash mate!          │
   ( > º < )   │                                               │
    `>>x<<´    │ I will assist you with setting up a Dash node │
    /  O  \    │   on mainnet or testnet. I can also help you  │
               │   set up a development network on your local  │
               │                    system.                    │

✔ System requirements
✔ Configuration preset
  › mainnet
⠇ Node type

  The Dash network consists of several different node types:
      Fullnode             - Host the full Dash blockchain (no collateral)
      Masternode           - Fullnode features, plus Core services such as ChainLocks
                            and InstantSend (1000 DASH collateral)
      Evolution fullnode   - Fullnode features, plus host a full copy of the Platform
                            blockchain (no collateral)
      Evolution masternode - Masternode features, plus Platform services such as DAPI
                            and Drive (4000 DASH collateral)

? Select node type …
▸ masternode 1000 DASH collateral
  evolution fullnode
  evolution masternode 4000 DASH collateral

 $ dashmate status
║ Network                │ testnet         ║
║ Core Version           │ 19.3.0          ║
║ Core Status            │ running         ║
║ Core Service Status    │ up              ║
║ Core Size              │ 2.76 GB         ║
║ Core Height            │ 888649          ║
║ Platform Enabled       │ true            ║
║ Platform Status        │ up              ║
║ Platform Version       │ 0.11.2          ║
║ Platform Block Height  │ 37769           ║
║ Platform Peers         │ 49              ║
║ Platform Network       │ dash-testnet-22 ║
What is Dashmate Remote Control?
Dashmate remote control is a concept of application, where you could easily check your node status straight on your mobile phone basically from anywhere. Mobile application meant to be available in the stores, and when you install this app, you are able to enter your masternodes in the application. Once settings is good, the connection with the dashmate software, running on the server will be established, and you will be able to control or check status of your node.


How it works?
Dashmate allows you to enable an HTTP JSON-RPC interface on the server, that will allow you to send commands to it just like it would have sent from the terminal. It is always bound to the localhost interface and is not exposed to everyone for security reasons. At the same time, SSH protocol allows you to easily tunnel any port from the server to you without sacrificing security (it is already enabled and configured on most machines). All you need is to properly set up ssh keys in the application and your server. Dashmate Remote Control sends HTTP requests to the dashmate JSON RPC API through SSH HTTP tunnel.

I like your concept. Having a mobile phone app available that show both the status of your masternode and allow Dashmate updates to be executed through a SSH HTTP tunnel, could be very handy.