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Proposal: Dash Point-of-Sale System (InstantSend enabled)

But I was counting on you!! Just kidding
The underlying issue is that the hype fanboys have generated so much "OMG THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!"

It really doesn't, and you just have to bring it down out of the clouds. 95% of the resistance evaporates after you do that.

Cryptotards are their own worst enemy. They know nothing but the clouds. Reality defies them. They have no clue what the business environment is, so they have no idea how to relate, or even that it need be done... They don't know how to correlate to existing realities and procedures, because they're not aware of it.

"Fraud and identity theft is impossible. No more PCI compliance. No more batching. No more trying to figure out the handwriting for the tip amount. No settlement period. No chargebacks. But, just like cash, Employee theft is still a thing that can happen. It looks a little different from someone stuffing money in their pockets, so this is what to look out for..."
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I am thinking of submitting a proposal to flood my local area with these units.
Before I do, I will need it to have GBP support and also the "Ability to have payments converted to fiat instantly".
I can see a lot of treasury money paying for the standalone units and putting them in the hands of merchants. This will please me.