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Proposal: Dash + CannTrade + Alt36

Adam Holub

New member
Good day!

Our proposal has been posted here: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Proposal-Dash-CannTrade-AltThirtySix

Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
gobject vote-many 4acfc1520f9d1d3f5edda10a6f6b69b9d7251d99e9f0589224e64b3b2255fd38 funding yes

We'd greatly appreciate your questions, comments, and votes. The full proposal can be found at the link above or here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hBZxTMyBb3ylyaL0ZLyU0jFWzcgS8jczRehZifKSpEQ/edit?usp=sharing

Thank You!

Proposal Abstract Below:

CannTrade Proposal

CannTrade, California’s premier cannabis specific B2B marketplace & CRM has partnered with Alt Thirty Six to deliver the first truly comprehensive and expedient banking & digital payment solution to the cannabis industry. Our goal is to establish Dash as the go-to currency for the fastest growing industry in the world.

If approved, this proposal would help fund:
  • Continued development, quality assurance, and launch of Dash specific features on the CannTrade Platform + Multi-Level Integration with the 36 + Dash driven payment solution

  • Marketing & Education Campaigns to promote user adoption of Dash in the B2B wholesale, B2B retail, and B2C cannabis markets.
CannTrade has signed an exclusivity agreement with the Dash Core team to ensure Dash is the only digital currency available on the CannTrade platform for a 36 month time period.

We hope this proposal will clearly communicate who we are, what we’ve already created, and what our roadmap for the future holds with regards to this project. We welcome questions, comments, and concerns, and look forward to hearing from and conversing with the Dash community.