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Proposal: Dash Bug Bounty - Bugcrowd 12 month renewal


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Dash Central: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DashBugBounty-Bugcrowd_1-year_renewal

Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
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In August, 2017 we launched the Dash Bug Bounty Program with Bugcrowd, which is a one year program that will be up for renewal in August, 2018. For updates on the program, see https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-bug-bounty-program.16100/

As an incentive to renew early, Bugcrowd is offering a substantial discount. This is a proposal for funding to take advantage of this discount and renew our agreement with Bugcrowd to extend the program to August, 2019.

Requested amount: 250 Dash

At an exchange rate of $400, the value of this proposal is $100,000 USD.

Use of funds

80% of the requested funds will be paid to Bugcrowd for the following:
  • BugCrowd fee to include 5 Dash applications for 1 year
  • Reward pool (bounties fund)
  • BugCrowd Crowdcontrol Platform (triage, researcher matching, validation, payout)
20% of the requested funds will pay for:
  • Management expenses by Jim Bursch
  • Reserve to mitigate exchange rate risk (falling Dash price)
  • Proposal fee
Here is a video that describes the Bugcrowd platform:

Renewal of this program will keep the Bugcrowd platform in place for the first year of operation of Evolution, which is expected to launch this summer.

If you have questions about the performance of the Dash Bug Bounty Program for Dash, I encourage you to review the update thread that details how the program has operated to date: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-bug-bounty-program.16100/

I am happy to answer any questions and welcome feedback.
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tx for managing this Jim - hope we get another round !
Jim, we could see a report of the results since August of the Bug Bounty Program. I do not know where to see that. Thank you.
Hey Everyone,

My name is Steve and I am Dash's Account Manager at Bugcrowd. I have been working closely with Jim over the past year to build a great bounty program for Dash.

I wanted to lend my support to you all and make myself available to answer any questions about our platform, our crowd of researchers, etc.

Please let me know how I can help!
Thank you to the MNOs and the entire Dash community for supporting the Dash Bug Bounty program with Bugcrowd!