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Proposal: DASH 101 – Video Series & PDF in English, Spanish and German


Hello everybody,

this is more like a post-proposal, because I already submitted my proposal and published it on dashcentral.

Maybe it wasn´t the proper way to publish before discussing, but I thought everybody would be happy about having a DASH 101 Video Series and PDF in several languages. It turned out that some people don´t like (or maybe just don´t understand) the idea so I think I need to explain why for me it´s neccessary to get this proposal passed and clear up with some issues.

FYI: Unfortunatly I´m not able to post links in this post, because it´s my first one, so you need to have a look at Dashcentral to figure out what this is about.

Funding: Why is DASH 101 more expensive than ABJs Dash School?

1. We need to create animations, graphics and sounds that can be used for 3 language versions.
2. We need to create scripts for 3 language version
3. We need to record 3 language versions
4. We need to cast hosts for 3 language version
5. We need to do the post production for 3 language versions.

Because we want to add an episode with general education about our financial system to show the reason why cryptocurrencies matter, we have to produce 7 Episodes per language, which means we have to produce 21 episodes in total.

I´m working with a professional production company with large experience in creating crypto-related videos to achieve the best results for Dash. They need to get paid on their regular base, even if this means that costs are higher than doing it all by myself. A detailed calculation is linked in the proposal.

Hosts: We will get hosts with a background in cryptocurrencies.

We may not receive thousends and thousends of views by hiring a youtube star to host and publish DASH 101 and we may not have a crypto-stars for doing it, but we will have hosts with a background in cryptocurrencies like Lara (spanish), who knows what she is talking about. So you don´t need to worry about having a host just reading down information without knowing what Dash is about.

Reach & Usage: It´s more than just being on youtube

I don´t want to produce DASH 101 for just having another video on youtube explaining what a blockchain is and how Dash works in detail to people searching for crypto-videos on the web. I want to produce DASH 101 because I (and maybe some other people around) need education materials that can be recommended in presentations and workshops in the language of the attendees reflecting Dashs professional direction.

For example: I´m planning to do some educational Dash-Events, such as a "Get-Unbanked-University-Roadtrip" or "Crypto-Workshops powered by Dash" at co-working spaces wework or mindspace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additionally we will present Dash at the "Digital Finance 2017" conference and at IfAAM Investment Roadshow 2017.

To convince those people (investors, early adopters and architects of tommorrows world) it will be neccessary to offer them info-materials created in a professional branded look and feel, because otherwise they will remember Dash as a handmade project without getting Dashs ambitious approach.

Please make sure to watch the Proposal video when you are on dashcentral.

Conclusion: I´m serious about promoting Dash on a long term

Maybe some of the no votes are arising out of the fear that some random guy just want to get some Dash for creating a low-fi video series without long time interest in the success of Dash, for me this isn´t the case. As I heard of Dash and it´s possibilities round about 6 Month ago, I decided to quit my job and focus on spreading information about Dash to educate people about Dash to finally integrate Dash in peoples life. I know my decission to quit my job is my personal issue, but it´s also an evidence for my seriousness and motivation towards Dash as a marketing guy.

Thank your for reading and dicussion.


Thats a very good idea. I would need that in austria too. I plan to make a lot of Crypto events in Vienna and german people, especially older ones with money, dont speak english well here.