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Proposal: Core Team Conferences (March)

Ryan Taylor

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This proposal is cross-posted at www.dashcentral.org/p/conf-dashcoregroup-032018

This proposal would fund the Dash Core Group conference sponsorship for MPE Berlin, and a global package of sponsorships for Money20/20, including the 2018 Asia, Europe, and Americas events.

Conferences have proven to provide some of our best business development opportunity sources, and we've learned a great deal over the past conference season about what types of conferences make the most fruitful investments. In order to extend our reach beyond the cryptocurrency sphere, we are planning ahead our conference participation for 2018 and will be posting proposals in the next 2-3 months to fully fund Dash Core Group's proposed schedule.

Over the past couple of years, we've experimented with different conference types, including conferences focused on cryptocurrency, trading, internet of things, decentralization, and payments. By far, the most successful conferences leading to tangible integration opportunities have been payment-oriented conferences, so we plan to reorient our time, energy, and funding toward those conferences.

This proposal includes a sponsorship for the three confirmed events organized by Money 20/20. Last year participation in Money20/20 USA was our most fruitful conference, so we have decided to expand our involvement and increase our visibility. We have negotiated a global sponsorship package with the Money20/20 organizers, which is the first global sponsorship they have signed to date. It includes Asia (Singapore, March 2018), Europe (Amsterdam, June 2018) and US (Las Vegas, October 2018). They will most certainly do an event in China in November that is not included in the proposal, but we will address that in the future as the details are finalized. The cost of that will be included in another proposal should we decide to participate.

Also included in this proposal is our participation in MPE Berlin, that is a payments focused conference that is taking place this week. Two teams members are there (Robert Wiecko and Holger Schinzel), along with Jan Meyer from the D-A-CH Dash Embassy and Wachsman PR onsite support. The meetings that we have secured ahead of time make us very optimistic about future integrations originated here. Although we already paid for this conference earlier in the month, our conferences budget buffer is sufficiently depleted to warrant a replenishment.

Details of the conferences included in this proposal are below. In the next few weeks we expect to complete a few more agreements for other events and we’ll do a new proposal for those in the next cycle.

Money 20/20 global sponsorship

Speaking slots are not tied to sponsorships, but we will get one almost certainly in all events. We have had detailed discussions concerning specific speaking opportunities, and the agenda organizers are excited by our proposed content. Bradley Zastrow - our Director of Global Business Development - is confirmed to speak at Money20/20 Asia.

Money 20/20 Asia – Singapore, March 13-15 2018

Three star sponsorship, which includes a 6x6m booth and 8 passes.

Fee: 52,000 USD
Booth construction + Merch: 12,000 USD
Travel: 25,000 USD (5 x 5,000 USD)
Total: 89,000 USD

Money 20/20 Europe – Amsterdam, June 4-6 2018

Three star sponsorship, which includes a 6x6m booth, 8 passes and an insert in the delegates bag.

Fee: 71,000 USD (57,500 EUR)
Booth construction + Merch: 12,000 USD
Travel: 10,000 USD (5 x 2,000 USD)
Wachsman on site media and booth support: 7,000 USD
Total: 100,000 USD

Money 20/20 USA – Las Vegas, October 21-24 2018

Five star sponsorship, which includes a 20x40 feet booth, 20 passes and a big banner at the entrance to the conference hall.

Fee: 153,000 USD
Booth construction + Merch: 30,000 USD
Travel: 36,000 USD (12 x 3,000 USD)
Wachsman on site media and booth support: 15,000 USD
Total: 234,000 USD

MPE Berlin – Berlin, February 20-22 2018

This conference is new for us, but it was highly recommended by BlockCypher. It is focused on payments, but it has crypto content. We believe that is the best combination for opportunity generation.

We are doing a Silver Sponsorship. This entitles us to a speech and a panel participation, a 5x3m booth, 3 conference passes and some other smaller benefits (branding everywhere, list of attendees…)

Fee: 26,400 USD (21,400 EUR)
Booth customization + Merch: 6,300 USD
Wachsman on site: 7,000 USD
Travel: 4,500 USD (3 x 1,500 USD)
Total: 44,200 USD

Grand total = $467,200 USD

Requested funding is as follows for the March 4th budget cycle:

  • $423,000 USD for Money20/20 global contract
  • $44,200 USD for MPE Berlin
  • 5.00 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 653.19 Dash (@720.78 Dash / USD)

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future conference expenses.

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Those cities have a significant economic impact. Good options to take the benefits and advantages of DASH there.
Good luck and success with your proposal.