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Project Live Log - Dash & HBPay Adoption @ Foodtruck Bazaar

Referring to the project outlined in the following proposal:

I will use this thread as an active project log to give ongoing updates during the month and then submit a formal report at the interval specified in the project timeline as per below:


Thank you
The devices have been purchased.


Below is a short video showing what HBPay is all about.

We will be conducting a dedicated training session to the food truck owners next week. Will capture photos of the session to be included in our report.

We have conducted a discussion and full demo of the system to the local Entrepreneurship Development Body together with the Food Truck owners on the 14th September 2017. The session was very important as the Bazaar area is technically owned by the Body and their buy-in is crucial to our project. As of now, they are very supportive with our project and eager to see the outcome of this campaign.

However, based on mutual request by the food truck owners, they are suggesting for the campaign to start on the 18th September 2017 instead of on the 16th (today). We have agreed to the request, as we want to make sure the food truck owners are ready and comfortable with the arrangement.

Captured momments



More images at:
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We are at Day #4 of the campaign. Currently we only conduct the campaign in a very modest mode without going full-fledged promoting exercise as we recognized the inadequate level of readiness of the food truck operators, our promoters. This first week is still regarded as familiarity period. I foresee an adjustment of the campaign end date might be required as we might need to extend the campaign period to maximize the outcome of this project.

Concurrently, my team in adding more features to the HBPay apps based on the requirements by the food truck operators. Dash TShirt printing & buntings are almost ready. We are hoping that everything will be running at full speed by next Monday.


Hey @Jamalulkhair Khairedin

Did you notice that you are missing a few Yes for your proposal this month ? Maybe you should write a message here and on dash central to give some updates and convince some people that are still hesitating on your project. 1 day left to vote.
Hi @PabloS, Thank you for the notification. I'm preparing the first week report and should be ready in few hours.

Despite the lack of updates in this report, the project is alive and kicking. The first 2 weeks are very taxing to me personally as I have to be on duty for all of the nights, which still be the case until I'm really feel comfortable that the team can run on their own. Once they are ready, I can spend more time to communicate more with the Dash community especially in this forum.

All of these will be captured in the report.

Latest wallet install statistic courtesy of @HashEngineering .

This represents only for Android Dash Wallet.

The number is very low to our anticipated amount, simply because the team is still finding their footing in the promotion activities. As we employ more promoters and them gaining more experience, numbers are expected to increase. In addition, the past few days, we start seeing the customers to be more responsive, and willing to be engaged more. The kind of network effect we are hoping for, and we are very optimistic of the upcoming weeks.

The are other wallets also being installed by the users. We will try to get the statistics for Iphone and also Jaxx.

With the large amount of Dash incentive yet to be spent, together with appreciation of values against our local currency, we are anticipating that our campaign can be extended beyond the proposed timeline, which should be benefiting to all parties.
Those pictures of people smiling and using Dash are awesome. Great work and looking forward to seeing more.
I been interviewed by @paragon last night. We have discussed the current status of my project and he has suggested several steps that I can look into to increase efficiency and throughout. It was a lengthy discussion and it was very encouraging to know that you, as a proposal owner are being monitored, which will keep us on our toes and deliver.

I fully support his venture, as I believe his proposal will bring so much benefits to Dash.