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procedure for setting up a 2nd computer in another country with the same wallet


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How do I open a new dash core wallet in another country on a NEW computer? Both OLD and NEW computers have the same version of Dash Core. The procedure I used below came up with 0.00 dash in the NEW computer account which is very wrong.

Here is what I did and can you list the correct sequence of events to end up with 2 computers with the same balance: I intend only to use the NEW when it displays the correct balance.

- in NEW computer, download NEW dash core and launch it
- wait for NEW computer to synch to the blockchain (many hours)
- do a fresh backup of the wallet from the OLD computer and it saved a new wallet.dat file
- send the new wallet.dat file to the NEW computer
- 15 minutes later replace the dummy existing wallet.dat file with new wallet.dat in the NEW computer
- launch Dash Core, wait for it synch and still the NEW computer comes up 0.00 dash balance
- I even tried a wallet repair to reindex the headers and in the new computer it still comes up with 0.00 dash balance

.......... what am I doing wrong?

What is the advantage of using a full node dash core wallet anyway over a lite wallet or a hardware wallet anyway? What is the trade off? thanks in advance...
Rescan/reindex should show your balance. But it is not recommended to share the same wallet file with multiple devices, why not just send the Dash to an address in the new wallet?

If you don't explicitly need a full Dash Core wallet, then by all means you should definitely be running a lite wallet (like Electrum), hardware wallet, mobile wallet or third party wallet (like Exodus) for example.