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Privacy wallet proposal - SoveranceOS


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Hello DASH community,

I've been trying my luck in the VC space for about a year with very little luck. I have a privacy wallet concept that requires ~$75k to build out the core and get us a prototype for BETA testing but the VC space is largely anti-privacy and liquidity in Defi has been gradually falling, making it hard to get financed. I wanted to see if the DASH community would be interested in this concept and help enable my company to provide anonymity and cold storage capabilities to the world!

Project Title : SoveranceOS
Description : Privacy wallet.

Manifesto/Vision : Leading cold storage brands have back doors, we all know the firmware updates and security breaches of these major providers. Soverance is made to combat these issues and looking to empower cold storage anonymity so everyone can participate in best crypto practices without major providers having access to your personal information, access to your daily use device, and above all, your seed phrase.

Problem : The major issue is that the leading cold storage companies are virtually inaccessible to the largest market of global crypto users. 82% of the world earns less than $1,500 a month and the feasibility to purchase a glorified USB stick for ~$150 completely misses the highest growing population of crypto adopters, being; Africa, South America, and South East Asia. This demographic is synonymous with Android mobile users, which is ~75% of the global mobile market share. Soverance is the software solution to provide cold storage capabilities to the virtually untapped and built in global market of 82% of the world that would otherwise be left out of crypto best practices. By repurposing obsolete mobile devices, we cater to this demographic at an unchallengeable price point, being that we can provide our software package at the click of a button, to anywhere in the world at any price point. We are asking for micro donations to facilitate our development and believe that the people of various community would find our solution favorable to the current market leaders due to our ability to provide anonymity to crypto users.

Solution : We are using the built-in hardware of obsolete Android devices and repurposing the AndoirdOS stack to be modified and replaced with a wallet manager solution - SoveranceOS. In this case, we mitigate the needs for KYC and data harvesting through a

Product Features : The product feature is to disable internet capabilities on the user's obsolete mobile device to provide a truly cold storage system. This will force the device to enter into airplane mode, remove IMEI (cellular pinging), disable GPS, in turn, creating a truly anonymous wallet. the device will be USB only to sync chain-data.

Differentiator: To hold your digital assets in cold storage, the device should be cold. Using a leading brand that is connected to your daily use device is counterproductive since having Google, Facebook, internet connection (generally), can lead to your photos and notes pages being basically public data and vulnerable for compromisation. Having your GUI is the next best solution, but even then, most people have to buy a separate laptop, which can cost often times over $100. Our product will be a software download that places your cold storage into the most secure means compared to the current competitors, without backdoors. We plan on providing this solution for $20-$50 per download and completely change the turn over the centralized cold storage market into a; 'privacy-first' market.

Validation : We are a valid software company registered in DE, USA.

Progress : We are currently on our angle round and are looking for donations of $20-$250 (1-10 DASH), micro equity deals start at $10,000, and we are also seeking potential founders who believe in our cause. If this is you, write to me: [email protected]

Team : Just me and a few privacy advocates that work in the background. You can probably find my details online.

Grant Request $ : $10,000 (~390 DASH).

What the Funds Are For : The first $10k will allow us to get enough code written to approach larger capital and for us to show investors that the demand for this solution is high. After 3-4 angle rounds or receiving the proper funds for 3 month of burn (~$75k), we should be completing our prototype and allowing those who donated the ability to have a SoveranceOS Beta download.

Help Requested : We are scouting other founders, if you're interested in this concept, have experience/connections to financers, reach out to me at [email protected]

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio :
Pitch deck: https://pitch.com/public/44f82f72-dcd4-4a53-8995-ff139a041bfa
Website: https://manhattanotc.wixsite.com/soverancelabs

DASH wallet: (your sending address will operate as a unique download key so keep that wallet to redeem your download once we enter the BETA).
wallet URI:

Wallet address:
No website, only gmail and your twitter is empty. At least you're practicing what you preach.

Given the diversity of manufacturer specific android roms, I'm not sure how you could scale this.
Great comment. This was one of the first major set backs our team needed to discuss. Our means to mitigate this issue can be resolved by having the SoveranceOS rooted out of the Android 8 AOSP, in this case, the SoveranceOS is not a ROM, it is an OS reversion. The Android 8 system is fundamentally easier to write on and our developers have years of experience using this. With this being the case, the SoveranceOS package has to execute a reversion rather than have us continuously updating the SoveranceOS to be compatible with the latest Android update; [android13-qpr2-release] which is often a monthly release. In layman's terms, our package doesn't need to be modified for each device, however, the reversion needs to be compatible to the Andoird's latest update, this simplifies the equation drastically since the SoveranceOS stays the same but the reversion changes dependent on device.

A few other questions may arise from this:
1) Because each device is different, this means that each device needs to meet certain specifications?

This is sort of true and untrue at the same time since the SoveranceOS is the exact same on each device. Let's take the camera for instance. The code for the camera is held in the HAL because the camera is unnecessary code for a cold storage device, we will remove the functionality. After we took a look, 60% of the work load is removing unnecessary code while 30% is creating the package and only 10% is creating a wallet manager on the Android framework. The simplification of the code allows for much of the distinguishing factors between devices to be rendered obsolete while aspects such as the screen will need specific tools so the user can modify their display. Something like this would fall into that 30% of creating the package.

2) If the OS is the exact same with no updates, the device has inherent risks.

Being that you're someone who advocates for everyone to have the right to privacy, I believe you'll appreciate this; the device goes completely ghost from an outsiders knowledge. There is no IMEI number, no WIFI compatibilities, no GPS, no NFC/Bluetooth, no data harvesting services, no need number connected 0-expolits from spyware, and there is no way for mal ware since the package wipes the device. By design the user will have this be their cold storage and not trade into and out of their cold storage often. You setup your device and keep it offline with a receiving address written down so you can send assets to your long term holdings. To connect, you must use a USB to a computer to receive chain data. Eventually we plan on running a decentralized proxy server for chain data and also have plans for the Soverance marketplace for temporary wallet swaps which will allow for people to trade with no chain data as wallets swap from user to user with wallet tot wallet communication in a Blackbox (which was a theory from a long time ago).

Mock website:

Would like to hear more about your thoughts and I would like to hear from others in your circle if there is interest.

Thank you,
I'll leave further technical questions to others but I have one more question:

What previous other work does your team have that I can verify?
I'll leave further technical questions to others but I have one more question:

What previous other work does your team have that I can verify?
For this project, I have a developer group working on Soverance from Germany since they're far more experienced than I am in Android development. I'm not certain that they would be comfortable with their names being out there without having begun executing the project.

For me personally, I'm currently creating a quantum resistant L2 on BTC and have been working to get my other project, financed. The concept deals with verifying subterranean orebodies due to their unique density signatures and attaching the data to blockchain, in turn tokenizing subsurface commodities without destruction to the land.

I can go on forever about my various projects.
It would be nice to connect with you on Telegram or discord!