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PreProposal: PR Stunt to promote DASH

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New member

Dear Dash community and masternode owners! My name is Albert, and the pre-proposal I’m putting forward today is about promoting Dash through a PR stunt that's supposed to go viral and reach millions in a very cost-effective way. In a distracted world it gets harder and harder to capture people's attention. I’ll do something unusual to attract people's attention by delivering something smart, artful and entertaining that will delight the readers.

Many people would probably be happy to use Digital Cash to transfer money, if they only knew about Dash and its benefits in comparison with common wire transfer. But most people never heard about cryptocurrencies, and certainly not about Dash. I will introduce Dash to Millions by a clever PR stunt.

What I'm going to do:

I will send myself via Mail in a DASH branded box cross borders to attract attention. I will then compare the parcel services with the underdeveloped, retarded Bank Transfer service offered by the financial Institutions. DASH will be presented as a logic and superior alternative.

How I'm going to do it:
I will set up a bet with a friend. I bet that a bulky box send by Mail will reach its destination faster than a standard wire transfer. So I will Build a nice, blue, fully Dash branded Box. I get into the box and send myself from Austria to Berlin via Express Delivery. While I leave, we will send a wire transfer from an Austrian banc account to a german banc account. I will reach the destination before the money gets credited to the target account (crossing borders and a major mountain range). At the destination (a post shop) I will be awaited by some reporters who will make pictures of me getting out of the dash branded box, leading to following story:

“Crazy bet: Student sent himself via Mail”
“Parcel delivery faster than online Banking”
“Man travels 1000km via Mail faster than a Wire Transfer”

The article(s) will describe the bet and my journey and point out that there must be something wrong with the traditional bank transfer system. We live in 2017 and technically, online banking has long been at the level of instant messaging or emails. But financial institutions earn a great deal by keeping your money as long as possible, and reaping the interest. With this Overnight Banking they collect interest income in millions. The only reason why this is considered normal, and people never complain is because we never had a choice before. And now people have a real choice. It’s called DASH - Digital Cash:

-> Instantaneous transactions
-> No spending limits
-> 24/7 365-day access
-> No permission to use, no reliance on centralized authority
-> accounts cannot be levied
-> transparent and honest
-> extremely low fees

I will hire a decent agency that knows the game and manages the PR-work to successfully create a splash.

Approximately 50 Dash

The results:

People hearing about the story will want to know who did this and why? They will start realizing how ridiculous the current bank system is. It is as ridiculous like the Fax seems to an internet generation. As ridiculous as rotary telephones to an instant messaging generation. Understanding Dash opens a whole new horizon.
Plus, there's a known correlation of bitcoin price with the volume of Google search requests for bitcoin-related terms, according to a study by SEMrush, a search engine marketing agency. I suppose it's similar with the Dash price. In this early stage of Dash all press and media attention is good, because it keeps the conversation alive.


I will document the journey via video and GPS and upload it afterwards on YouTube as proof. Cameras will be placed inside and outside of the Package, filming during the whole journey. If possible I will also get out of the package in very unusual places like distribution centers and delivery transporters.

Why this most certainly will get media attention and has the potential to go viral:
People love audacity, originality, bravery and of course they love to be entertained. The best stunt marketing is both audacious and bold – the greater the risk the greater the return. Very few people tried to send themselves in a parcel. The few who made a real attempt got huge media coverage. Google for “Man in China mails himself to girlfriend”. There's also a Wikipedia article about “human mail”

Maybe it sounds a little bit extreme and dangerous, but don't worry. Whatever I do is my own will. I act on my own responsibility and I don't mind the risk. I enjoy going the unconventional way and I don't mind taking calculated risks. However, I will do everything possible to reduce the risk and take safety precautions.

Who I am:
My name is Albert Jach, I'm 22 and based in Austria. I'm a self-employed Sociology student. Currently I run a short-term rental business and a e-commerce coconut oil brand. I can't post any links due to the anti-s p a m rule, but you can google me. I've been a huge DASH fan for two months or so, shortly after discovering Cryptocurrencies per se. Now I would like to be a part of the process and get involved.

Please let me know your thoughts on this :)

Your yt vid, "Honigbutter Kokosöl-Rezept" has 4 subscribers and 21 views. Is it really worth 14,000 USD?

And yes, as already pointed out, what happens when the story changes to "man crosses border illegally"?

And, while you are free to choose what you do with your body, how does it look on dash if you die / serious accident?
I like the idea. Could you break down the costs ? What agency will be hired ? How do yo make sure that you "control the story" and deliver the storyboard you set ?
Your yt vid, "Honigbutter Kokosöl-Rezept" has 4 subscribers and 21 views. Is it really worth 14,000 USD?

And yes, as already pointed out, what happens when the story changes to "man crosses border illegally"?

And, while you are free to choose what you do with your body, how does it look on dash if you die / serious accident?
Crossing the border is not a big deal and i dont think its that big of a ristk or danger, as it might seem to you. But however, your right. Compared with traditional advertising in media you have less control of the timing, content and context of the story. BUT while there are risks involved in gaining media coverage using PR, it’s also necessary to not overthink the risks. ANY Press is good press. Think about John Mcaffee ;)
True that. @Albert, can you think of a tweak ?
Well, as far as im concerned, its not illegal but in any case against the Service Terms and Conditions. Of course its possibel to send a simple box. The argumet will remain the same, but its just not that sensational.
Well, as far as im concerned
If you want to be funded by the network, you will need to do more research than that, your opinion on the matter won't convince the Masternodes ! For serious stuff like that, proof is needed.

Besides, after some research, is it even possible to send a human in a box ? After looking it up, in France every box are scanned so couldn't happen.

Have you done any research ? You should know that thorough research is a must if you want to convince the network.

I still like the idea but I see many problems with your pre-prop. If anything I would change the human part to an object part, you could just put a timer in it (that's what tom hanks does in cast away) !
May I suggest a different idea....

Perhaps you could organize a Cannonball Run, starting in Connecticut and ending in California. First person to arrive gets 50 dash.

Travel by any means except flight. All participants must register and vlog their progress with the hashtag #CannonballDash