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Preproposal: help Tertiary student develop passion for DASH using effective education and marketing

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Hello community! this is Appiah George known on this platform as George Pro. I submit my fisrt proposals. Thanks to Abdul kudus Mutaru know on this platform as Zambang and cryptolib whom through their effort to make Dash popular and number one digital currency in Africa particularly west Africa and Ghana to be precise. I got to know what Dash is, the advantages and benefit one may get if he/she chooses DASH above other digital currencies.


The issue is that after the seminar about DASH was held in my school even those who were given free DASH base on merit never seek to buy more, invest in it or use it as a medium of transaction. So I took it upon my self to do more research about why people are not using the DASH, after some month of the seminar. And this is what I gathered after three weeks of research.

1. Lack of merchant in the school to change fiat money(cedis) to DASH and DASH to cedis for easy trade and transaction among peers.

2. Students don't see the reason why they should get involve with DASH because they dont use DASH in their day to day economic activities or transactions.

3. Some small percentage of the student I interview also said that after the seminar they never heard anything about DASH with make them forget about it due to large attention shifted to the courses they are reading. So lack of frequent information about DASH

4. The major problem that causes me write this proposal is that I realize that am alone when it come tertiary students advocating for DASH to gain root among the youth in ghana and particularly the students in my campus. Is a big challenge because we all know that DASH is a peer to peer cryptocurrency so when you found yourself all alone trading with it, it can kill your enthusiasm about it forcing you to trade in other digital currencies.

the seminar held in my was like a seed of DASH being planted in the school. For it grow and blossom it needs to be watered and properly taken care of until it reach it fruitful period so that all individual who are trading with DASH will get their maximum satisfaction thus making DASH number one digital currency if not in the world in Africa.

1. The university have a radio station(radio windy bay) for me to make DASH popular I and my team have decided to let the radio station dedicate 30 minutes to DASH. Which I will name it DASH tips. In that period students will be educated about adavatages and benefits of trading in DASH. The why, the how, and the what about DASH. In the same period three people who answer some correct question about dash when the phone line is open will be given $10 wealth of DASH each. Why is this a solution the entire university population will hear more information about DASH which in one way make the digital currency popular thus bringing more youth to trade in it. Also those who will be given free DASH could will be follow up to make sure they made transactions using DASH

2. In every semester the Student Representative Council(SRC) hold series of seminar and programm for the entire student population, Which are sponsored by various other company. Since the SRC is the autonomous body that control all the student most of their activities are attend by more than half of the student population lectures, professors and other non teaching staff. Instead of organizing conferences and seminars which will be attend by small number of people I and my team have decide to sponser SRC programmes especially those about entrepreneurship and and entertainment to get in touch with huge number of people in the school.

Through sponsoring SRC programmes I then convince them to advertise that student could pay their dues using DASH. By that majority of the student will start to use DASH since they can pay their semester dues using DASH

3. Merchant, generally cryptocurrency merchants in Ghana is very low. The information i gathered show that the number of merchant in all the 10 regions of Ghana is not more than 10, and when it come to our university campuses we dont have all, due to that I have decided to be a merchant of cryptocurrency to set examples for others to follow. I have also planned that anyone who decide to be a merchant in the school will be given 2 DASH as initial startup for the first three serious people.

4. Thank God we have a community online. And very thank you to DASH leaders for building such community, it has help us all interns of communication and sharing of information. Following their footsteps I have decide to form DASH community in the school which we will meet once every week to discuss about the way forward of DASH in the university. This gwill result in raising youth and students who are more enthusiastic about the way forward of DASH.

target population
Students( over 40,000) teaching staff.(over 200) that is lecturers and professors non teaching staff over (500) .

To make cryptocurrency particularly DASH popular among the african youth in order for digital currency to overtake fiat money in the years to come.

i and my team have a vision of extending this project to all other universities across Ghana. but want to used the university we attend as the laboratory to test this project and see how it will blossom or prosper and also see the challenges we will encounter in order to gain more experience to help DASH go far.

other marketing avenues

Videos, audio and pictures will be taken or recorded during our meetings as DASH community and other programs of which DASH will sponsor to be put on youtube and other social media(whatsapp, facebook, twitter among others) to educate student who could not attend our programs and the world at large. The school website will be used effectively to promote DASH
Creating of stickers flyers, banners and wrist band to be shared which will be shared during seminars and programs that DASH supported through the SRC will boost the of the digital currency and make DASH popular among the youth.

I spoke to the SRC president already about making DASH acceptable when it come to payment of dues. But the challenge was that how could they know that student A or B paid it dues through DASH so that they can issue receipt to such a person. I therefore edge all masternodes and the entire community to help me create a solution to such a challenge. However this challebge could not block the project since enough work have to be done before the acceptance section of this project.

In conclusion
I plead to abdul Mutaru know on this platform as Zambang and cryptolib who are actively advocating for DASH to gain root in Africa particularly Ghana to constantly check on me and be my watchdog in order for me to execute such a nice project in a better way and better manner to get more people trading and investing in DASH thus increasing the DASH market cap


Dash T-shirts
Air time on school radio
Flyers, Stickers wristband and banners
Camera to record our activities $571. 80
canon 750D
Advertisement on school website $221

Sponsoring SRC programs $253 each for four programs

Incentives to student who join dash community in the school $500

2 dash each for first three merchant

$10 wealth of dash for three students who answer question about DASH during DASH on air
$480 for four months

$4, 140. 80
2 dash each for first three merchant
5DASH proposal fees.