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PreProposal - DashGetTogether


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***Pre-proposal EDIT: Switched the name from DashShoutOut to DashGetTogether***

Pre-proposal Preface

The best part is the TRY IT OUT! Section, I recommend, on a mobile device. Just login with a mnemonic, any mnemonic or 12 word sequence will work. The Clarification and Extra Disclosure sections also have some interesting points. Your feedback is appreciated.

- DashMoney

* * * * * * * * * Start of Proposal * * * * * * * * *


What is DashGetTogether?
  • A Dapp (Decentralized Application) for you to leverage DashPay Contacts and more importantly get more of them! By creating groups to join with your friends to chat, and if there are people in the group that are not friends yet, you can tap on the person’s name in DashGetTogether and send them a friend request (a DashPay Contact Request) from DashGetTogether!​
  • This dapp is purely a front-end using the Dash Javascript(JS) SDK to communicate directly to the Dash Platform. (But for this Mock Up version, it is just the front-end talking to itself.)​

Try it out! But first know this:
  • THIS WEBSITE IS A MOCK UP! Due to the variable nature of Dash Platform Testnet Release and my desire to get this Dapp started, so it will be ready for Mainnet when Mainnet is released, I have created a website that lets you walk through most parts of the user experience. I am also doing this to ensure this is a dapp, the Dash Community wants before I spend more time on it.
  • Just put any mnemonic into the Mnemonic Login to start the experience! Here is one for instance:​
  • breeze embody round rent trip tone logic garden slight adjust arrow pulse​
  • Use mobile for best experience. Enjoy!​
  • DashGetTogether.com (I can't link because of forum rules, but please just search URL)​

Proposal Offer
  • For 3 payments of 59 Dash each, I will publish the source code for each phase on Github for everyone to have.​
  • Links to the code on Github will be here on the proposal thread and on DashGetTogether.com.​
  • First Payment → Release the code to the Mock up site and code developed so far for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)​
  • Second Payment → Release MVP running on Testnet. (This version will function with Dash Platform Data Contracts and Documents.) (If Dash Platform Testnet is still not operating by this time in 2 months from the posting of this proposal, it will be build utilizing DashMate)​
  • Third Payment → Release the Mainnet operating version. (The difference between MVP and the Mainnet version: I intend for the Mainnet version to have local storage to improve UX and incorporate the Dash Platform Browser extension if its ready. Additionally, I will also be taking feedback after the MVP release for improvements or changes.)​
  • The code is written in React JS with a class based approach using React BootStrap UI components. What you see and use on the website will be the code that is released. This is purely a front-end using the Dash Javascript(JS) SDK to communicate directly to the Dash Platform.​
  • When the code is released, it is very easy to run locally, have NodeJS installed → git clone repository → npm install → npm start and it runs on local host.​

  • This proposal is NOT intended to be a private encrypted communication channel, its purpose is to provide a fun, simple and enjoyable way to make new DashPay friends in an easy to use chat dapp. (But I leave the option open for a future proposal to do so, but this proposal does not include the private encrypted communication capability.) Having said that my focus will be dapps that I feel will best connect users or assist other dapp developers to improve the use of Dash as money.)​
  • So for those that are making a private-messager or a Twitter-like or Reddit-like application, please continue to do so and if you find any of DashGetTogether design or code useful, please use and make it your own or keep it the exact same, whatever will assist you.​
  • This is an ambitious build that I hope will not require too much patience. If something does go wrong, and I will let the community know here as soon as I know.​
  • I think for the value DashGetTogether adds, it will be a great addition to the Dash Platform and DashPay rollout to Mainnet! Thanks for your time and consideration.​
*********End of Proposal*********

Extra Disclosures for PreProposal
  • For those wondering if this proposal owner is even capable of deploying a dapp that utilizes the Dash Platform, the original plan was for dashgetnames.com (I can't link because of forum rules, but please just search URL) to be my first proposal, but since it needs Testnet for you to see it working, I will be holding off on that proposal. (I can say it was working, the last time testnet was working.)​
  • The implementation of the DashGetTogether Data Contract is fairly straightforward with 3 (possibly 2) document types. This is a simplified description of the intended design.​
    • DashGetTogether Member Document( This may just be implemented as something used on local storage to improve UX, because this info will be redundant when the login pulls the user’s Group Documents and their DashPay Contacts.)​
      • OwnerID (the user identity)​
      • Groups Joined (List of GroupIDs that the user has accepted)​
      • Groups Created(These are groups that you have created and can modify)​
      • Groups Deleted or Unjoined (Groups that you have unjoined or rejected so they don’t show up when you search for new shout outs to join.)​
    • DashGetTogether Group Document​
      • OwnerID​
      • GroupID (Unique ID of the Group so that Members and Chats can be linked together)​
      • Members (Members that are assigned to the group and where the DashGetTogether dapp will query when it looks for DGT Chat Documents)​
    • DashGetTogether Chat Document​
      • OwnerID (the user identity)​
      • GroupID​
      • Chat Content​
  • There is one thing that would help, and I would appreciate a little assistance on. And that is the Dashpay Contact Request Implementation. I am sure that it is written somewhere already. For as important as the DashPlatformNameService and the DashPay App will be, I feel the ability for developers to implement and utilize the DashPay Documents will be vital. This not only gives the developer the ability to expand a user’s friend network, but also allows them to bring it with them (the user’s DashPay Contacts) to whatever Dapp they are creating. This is what could make DashPay even more of a gamechanger. Otherwise, developers will utilize other data contracts to join the users and thereby instead of having a single integrated user network, it will have multiple fragmented groups. If someone has this implementation written or something close, I would appreciate just posting where and if it is not then I will figure out a way and post it somewhere so everyone can use. But I am fairly sure it is already written somewhere. My thought is it should be something like this dashplatform.readme.io/docs/tutorial-submit-documents (I can't link because of forum rules, but please just search URL) but with the DashPay contact request. Thanks for your help and lets make Dash, money!​
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***Pre-proposal EDIT: Switched the name from DashShoutOut to DashGetTogether***

Update for the DashGetTogether Preproposal:

  1. (A Slight Drawback) First, thank you for those that checked out DashGetTogether website. To be honest, I was hoping for a bit more feedback or questions, but even the lack of it, is insightful. This proposal is perhaps a bit early, and even though I still believe it will be a valuable Dapp that can coincide with the Dash Platform MainNet Launch, perhaps the understanding of how DashPay could leverage DashGetTogether and Dash Platform’s potential is still in a wait and see period, but I think that will come in time. (Perhaps a couple of months after some Dapps have been deployed on Testnet and users get to interact with Platform.)

  2. (Positives for the Future) With some further research, I was able to locate Dashameter’s Javascript Dashpay code on Github which will be very valuable for creating Dashpay Contact Requests with just some dependency updates and polishing. This was what I saw as the final technical hurdle to get over before the Dapp could be completed.

  3. Please look for another update in a couple months after Testnet Platform has launched, and in the meanwhile be on the lookout for my other proposals that should be coming out soon.
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You should use floating boxes with two css options based on media orientation.

Have you thought about going via SimpleXchat instead of web interface?