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Pre-proposal: Support Dash in Purely Decentralized Market

Support decentralized market powered by Dash?

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Openbazaar is a well-known decentralized shopping platform in the crypto industry. After the development company announced the suspension of operation in January 2021 (Contrary to the philosophy of the investment company), our team and community leaders took over the operation. Mobazha is derived from Openbazaar. We believe decentralized market is a very important part in the future. We have already supported BTC, BCH and LTC in the network. We are looking for potential coins support in the market. Dash is an important currency in privacy and has rich experience in retail.

Our site: https://mobazha.com , https://mobazha.info

Demo videos
  • Conflux coin support:
  • Live chat:


Project scope
  • Provide Dash user ability to sell and buy any goods/services in decentralized market, peer to peer.
  • Support in future versions with dash payment integrated.
Budget Applied: 3 * 110 Dash


Milestone 1: Support create listing with Dash as accepted currency. Basic online direct purchase and sale work for Dash

  1. Setup 2 Trezor Wallet servers with Blockbook API support for Dash Mainnet and Testnet.
  2. Exhange rate and fee service set up for Dash, which relies on third-party providers, such as bitcoinaverage.com, coinmarketcap.com and binance.com etc.
  3. Core OB wallet APIs design and implementation for Dash
    1. Create built-in wallet for Dash with OB identity, and support send and receive in the wallet.
    2. Build transaction with given amount and target address, and associate with purchase and sale orders.
    3. Track orders and monitor Dash blockchain for order state update.

Milestone 2: Support offline payment and moderation with escrow in Dash.
  1. Support Dash escrow orders, provide offline and moderation order support
  2. Support APIs for 3 roles UI experience: buyer, seller, and moderator in dispute case.
  3. Integrate Dash support in the desktop app (Available on Win, Mac, and Linux), mobile app, and search engine.
  4. Community testing
  5. Make online to Mainnet
Milestone 3: Improve performance and provide simple web management to store
  1. Fix dash-specific issues
  2. Improve performance
  3. Web Access to VPC hosted node support
    Design and implement simple web access for self-hosted store on VPC, with profile/wallet/listing management support. Currently If user hosts store on VPC, it requires to install desktop app with remote connection for management. Provide web access for simple management for more user adoption in Dash.
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