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Pre-proposal: Strike + YouTube country expansion - Canada, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Finland


This is a 2-month project that will require 495 Dash/month (990 Dash total)

Cost breakdown below.

Description of the project:

The clock is ticking, we should put the hammer down on spend before the end of June when Google says goodbye to cryptocurrency ads. Google’s largest YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social, will promote Dash videos on the world’s second most viewed website: YouTube.

At the moment, the world is interested in digital payment solutions, and there is an opportunity to increase awareness surrounding Dash. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is the best platform to promote a video ad focused on it. The platform reaches 1.5 billion monthly users across the globe (think of YouTube like TV 2.0 - targeted TV ads.)

This is an extension of currently live proposals with a focus on driving awareness for Dash in additional countries (more info below). The currently live campaigns are off to an incredibly strong start with metrics well above benchmarks. Google has also reported that the videos are increasing awareness by 44% compared to users that haven’t viewed the ads.

We have delivered over 2,000,000 views and counting. Weekly updates have been reported onto the Dashcentral page and Dash Forum..

You can view updates on the currently running awareness campaign below:



Update thread:


Country breakdown

The video will be promoted in six (6) of the most popular countries interested in these solutions:

  • Canada

  • Ukraine

  • Denmark

  • Sweden

  • UK

  • Finland

YouTube can automatically add subtitles to account for the local language in all five countries we are targeting. These five (5) countries are different than the currently live campaigns we are running and represent some of the largest opportunities.

It’s Strike Social’s goal to continue to spread the message where it will be well received. This video promotion will ensure that awareness of Dash increases, that video views are added to the view counter and that viewers engage.

Video creative

We will promote Dash’s introductory video

As soon as the new Danny Trejo video is completed the current video will be replaced with the new Trejo content and promoted as outlined in all proposals.

About Strike Social

Strike Social harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to drive the best outcomes in YouTube and social media advertising. Through media-buying software and service, Strike Social helps major agencies and brands, such as Beats, Xbox, Honda, Mattel, Lionsgate and Trunk Club, scale their campaigns. With a workforce presence in 16 major markets — including headquarters in Chicago and offices in Kraków and Manila — Strike Social was recently named the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Learn more at strikesocial.com.Visit our news center to see what the press has been saying about us: https://strikesocial.com/news/

We recently started accepting payments in Dash. Learn more about our global campaign to promote Dash here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/strike-social-inc-500-no-17-official-update-thread.24120/

(Ryan Taylor, January 18, 2018 TNABC Miami Announcing the Strike Social Integration)

How can Strike Social guarantee results?

By running the video as a YouTube TrueView Ad.

YouTube Trueview Ads are those ads that can be skipped after five seconds. These are a great advertising option as you only have to pay for views if somebody reaches the 30-second mark of the video. If they skip before hitting that threshold, you aren’t charged. This ad method also ensures payment is only needed if Strike Social reaches an engaged viewer. It is a win-win situation — viewers only watch videos they are curious about and we know all the views come from people that are really interested in the video.

How many views does the budget allow for?

The plan is to run this campaign for two (2) months to reach people interested Dash Solutions in the five countries mentioned. Strike Social’s data science and planning tools have identified the number of people that fall into these interest groups across each country. We are also taking learnings about what has been working during the currently live campaign. It’s recommended that we try to garner at least 1,000,000 views per country during the (2) month flight. All of these views will be hyper targeted to reach a correct/relevant user.

- Canada: 1,000,000 views

- Ukraine: 1,000,000 views

- Denmark: 1,000,000 views

- Sweden: 1,000,000 views

- UK: 1,000,000 views

-Finland: 1,000,000 views

Each country has more than 1,000,000 people interested in crypto but Strike Social wants to start slow and learn before promoting more.

Why did we choose YouTube to drive awareness?

There are 1.5 billion monthly YouTube users across the globe with over one billion hours of video footage being watched each day. YouTube viewers also spend an average of 40 minutes per session on YouTube, which means they are engaged. These are just statistics on the platform itself.

How about advertisements on the platform?

Recent studies show that advertisements on YouTube generate on average a 17% lift in brand awareness and a 13% lift in consideration. Strike Social’s first campaign shows that Dash’s video garnered a 44% lift in brand awareness.

How will we reach a qualified audience?

YouTube is a great platform to reach an audience that fits within your target. Why? YouTube allows you to target various interests, create custom audiences and tap into what keywords viewers are searching for. The
targeting options also allow you to target people that have already shown interest in Dash (a process called remarketing).

Strike Social has built a proprietary recommendation engine that uses historical YouTube performance and social media listening to find the perfect audience on YouTube. A full targeting plan has been developed and will be translated into the language of each country. Strike will use all the keywords present in the targeting plan at the beginning of the campaign. Then, keywords and audiences that aren’t working will be paused in real time. The keywords and audiences that perform well will be optimized for maximum performance.

Granular, 24/7 optimization guided by machine learning leads to the best performance in the YouTube advertising space. As a global company we are able to have media buyers monitoring the performance of campaigns night and day. On top of that, our AI-powered technology helps improve performance to drive optimal results.

Metrics that matter

Strike Social will guarantee a set number of views per country (Yes, we are currently losing money on our first two proposals because of the Dash price drop — but this is our guarantee, and we are in this for the long-term.). We will share weekly reports with the community to show the results. It is always Strike Social’s job to try and beat the guarantee so there is an over-delivery of views to the video.Strike Social will also conduct a brand lift study that can effectively determine if the video advertisement drove a lift in brand awareness or consideration.This study provides ancillary metrics to prove if the campaign worked or not. The benchmark will be a 17% lift in awareness and a 13% lift in consideration.

How will Masternodes know what’s going on?

Strike Social’s dedicated campaign managers will be posting weekly updates recapping campaign performance to ensure Masternodes are able to keep a pulse on the campaign.This recap will include views by country and also insights such as which audiences and keywords are working. Masternodes will also notice that the video view count will be going up as the campaign is flighted.


This will be a 2-month long campaign starting after the April superblock, and running through the end of June. The campaign will be evenly split.

Future Efforts

Strike Social wants to continue to learn and will aim to deliver more views in the future for the countries that have been exposed to Dash videos. Strike Social will then continue to expand updated videos to new countries that over-index with cryptocurrency.
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Showing advertisements without an end goal is a complete waste of money.

Spending money on ads is the easy part, doing something with it is the hard part.
Showing advertisements without an end goal is a complete waste of money.

Spending money on ads is the easy part, doing something with it is the hard part.

I believe the end goal is to make people aware of Dash. Doing something with Dash is not possible if you do not know about Dash.

Have you participated in this forum before under a different name?
This proposal is now officially live: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/strike-expansion-lastpush

To compensate for the decrease in Dash price (and because Google's costs are fixed), we have reduced the country expansion to 5 countries, leaving off Ukraine from this proposal. That is the only change made from the pre-proposal stage. This will allow other proposal owners more space for independent marketing activities, which we strongly support.

We will be able to deliver the full 1,000,000 views per country for Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK.