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Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash


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Hi Guys,

Long time reader and supporter of DASH.
The idea has been brewing in my mind for quite sometime and I am now in a place where I could look take this further but I would definitely need your help.

Are there any current POS solutions/ APIs available that would enable me to deploy to a small business to accept DASH as a method of payment?

What I'm envisioning is a tablet like device at a shop front where I could setup for a business to accept Dash.
I would expect that it would also need to integrate with the customers POS software that they are using for their FIAT transactions.

I have seen the Commonwealth Wealth Bank of Australia deploy a similar device. (They call it the Albert)
All it does is accept card payments and prints out the recipes and the invoice.

Let me know of your thoughts.


Retail Dash applications are so important. We have the cash-like qualities of privacy and speed, it's just a matter of showing businesses the difference!

Do you have any further details about your plan?
For the moment I'm just casting a net to see what is currently available and drive a discussion.

From there we can then start thinking about solutions, current gaps and future plans ect ect.
I'd have to agree with solarminer POS hardware isn't the issue so much as simply getting the vendor adoption ball rolling.

I guess that's a blessing to some - 'not another gizmo filling up my counter space!' - and a curse to others who will value the 'proper' look of a bespoke POS device and I assume it's that smaller marketplace of vendors you'd be aiming at?
'Smaller' but over time not a small number of vendors once the word of Dash and Evo really gets out there of course
My post wasn't just inferring that "we don't need it". I am actually wondering what would make a product acceptable for retail. If it needs to tie into the existing POS machine - why? To print receipts? record inventory? I don't just want to copy what is out there....I would rather make something that is effective and forward thinking.
CBA's Albert is pretty impressive. When it first came out, my first thought was they got around crypto competition by introducing a product with big advertising dollars. Instant transactions are big ticket in Australia but so is paying a fee that we accept blindly. A Point of sale device for Dash is so badly needed.
I'm thinking aloud here but there needs to be at least a point of sale GUI as a baseline to enable the business owner to configure their products of sale and then to assign the amount of Dash to it accordingly.
It also probably needs a real time feed for the price of Dash since the market movements are quite volatile. The live market price of Dash would then drive the final price for the product of sale.

I'm also thinking that there are so many POS products out there in the wild so there is no need to invent the wheel as some of them are probably really good.
So maybe some development effort for an API is required on an existing POS product. This I don't know.
The android and I think iphone wallets already have a usd amount converter included. Check out this video. This looks easy enough to me. It would be just like entering a credit card amount on the credit card machine.

What Dash needs to get widely accepted is fiat gateways for stores to minimize their risk of exposure at minimal cost, which is what the team has been working on. After that, it would really be awesome if we could integrate Dash with existing POS equipment so as to make everything seamless, but these proprietary systems may be linked to credit card companies for all I know, and they would be unlikely to allow a competitor into their system. However, if these POS machines are actually independent, I can see us partnering up with them as the best solution. Actually, I think stores simply have a "cash register" with their own inventory system and scanners, then they dongle the credit card scanner to it, so I can see dongling an android wallet as well??

Either way, fiat gateways are essential, and that's why the team has made this priority #1
What @TanteStefana said^. If we could integrate Dash to make everything work seamlessly from a POS perspective. A++

Having said that though, dongling an android wallet might just suffice which kinda aligns with @Solarminer comments

You are right about proprietary systems. The CBA Albert is on some proprietary platform called Pi. =(
There is no profit motive for a credit card company to adopt Dash. Dash would clearly reduce the credit card transactions and their income associated. Any credit card machine is unlikely to get crypto added to it anytime soon.

What is dongling an android wallet?

I see a few ideas that work for point of sale. A simple phone used just like a credit card terminal. The merchant enters the $ amount in the phone, the buyer scans a QR code, and merchant receives Dash. Just like in the video above. There is no POS system connected - it is just a way to accept funds.

Another way to do this is to integrate Dash as a payment option on the register. I see this as the hardest option and really just a hope and dream right now.

The real way to adopt Dash is to replace the register. Have the customers scan each product with their phone, then total in a cart on their phone, then pay with dash. Think this isn't possible? It just happened. Dash N Go is working on testnet. Check out the animation. The App is all @tomasz.ludek. Clap clap clap.

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I have indeed noticed that trendier merchants are using a tablet as their Point-of-Sale hardware, and then stuff like Square or Stripe to process payments.

Though the Dash mobile wallet with USD converter may function just like any tablet-based version, the fact remains that these merchants will want to maintain their setup. A cashier whipping a cell phone out of his back pocket looks much less professional than his use of the encased tablet on the counter top that all other customers use.