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Pre-Proposal: Partner With High Traffic Media Brand (VIDEO SAMPLE)

Mike Sygula

New member
Sponsor Truth Theory Media for 12 part video series, sitewide sponsorship and dedicated Dash content.

Full proposal here

Open Letter Series - this part of our campaign is designed to evoke emotional response educating people about the root cause of most of the problems in society (the financial system) and how decentralized currencies with Dash, in particular, are part of the solution, to bringing power back to the people. The series has a strong viral potential and will be linked with a dedicated page educating people about Dash.
Exclusive sponsorship of our 12 part video series called “Open Letters To Humanity” .
Episodes will include:

(Pilot) An Open Letter To All Of Humanity

Then focus on:

The Education System

The Financial System



Work Life


The Legal System


The Environment



The theme of the videos is the intrinsic link to the financial system and without being overly promotional - How Dash is a potential solution.

Teaser (draft version) available to watch, this is just a sample, the final version will be improved significantly, this is to get some idea and feedback:
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