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Pre-Proposal: Fractional voting 0 - 1


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  • Straight forward modification
  • Multi-node MNOs already have this
  • Masternode shares will make this possible but requires extra steps and tooling
  • Direct method without requiring extra steps via masternode shares
Instead of voting 0 or 1 (No or Yes), MNO can vote any number in-between.

For example:
  • 0.75 Yes 0.25 No, or
  • 0.75 Yes 0.25 Abtain
  • and so on
Example of how this already occurs

MNO runs 4 nodes and allocates 3 of their votes to Yes and 1 vote to No.

Masternode shares will allow MNOs to reproduce similar results except it requires more steps and tools. In contrast, this change requires the absolute minimum of changes to current governance tools. Instead of display No or Yes they simply display the percentage.
I strongly support this proposal.

I will happily code in order for Mnowatch.org to adapt to fractional voting, if this proposal passes.
Trustless Masternode Shares from DCG are still in a conceptual phase, no work has been done on it. It will not be in Dash Core v20 and i am not even sure
it will be in Dash Core v21, as Pasta just mentioned it is in a backlog of things to do after the release of Dash Platform.
So forget what you read previously about this last year from Sam, on Dash Central.

I know this because i asked about this during Q& A, at the end of the latest Platform and Core Development Update : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku8nKMRmlE4
and this came directly from Pasta and got relayed back to Sam (who was unaware of the still conceptual phase of Trustless Masternode Shares).

My gut feeling about 2023 :

Wen Evo ?
Wen Dash Roadmap ?
Wen Trustless Masternode Shares ?
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Thank you for the feedback.

It seems in the short to medium term, masternode shares is now down to CrowdNode, though I am not aware of any recent updates. I think this makes the case for this proposal stronger because this is more achievable in the short term.
In the meantime, Dashcentral.org is down. When "vote the numbers" is at stake, this daemon controled universe conspires to prevent it.

I repeat my question , and I challenge any rational person to answer it: Why "vote the numbers" is not allowed anywhere, not even allowed in the smallest community here on earth?
Think of it... An idea mentioned in the bible ("Here is wisdom, and whoever has a mind in him, let him vote the number") that is not implemente NOWHERE, and I challenge everyone to point me a place on earth where voting by using numbers is implemented. Isnt this strange?

The complete absense of "voting the numbers", not even in the smallest community here on earth, never in the whole history of human kind, is the proof that daemons exist and work tirelessly against humanity.

The destruction of dashcentral.org, immediatly after a "vote the numbers" proposal is posted there, is yet another hint of how important voting the numbers is.
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It's back up now and this proposal has zero comments lol

I'm gonna bet DC ran out of disk space and only did backups every day or so.
It's back up now and this proposal has zero comments lol

I'm gonna bet DC ran out of disk space and only did backups every day or so.

This is the superficial explanation.

The deeper explanation involves the daemons who oppose "voting the numbers" to be implemented in any tiny community of humans.

They do this since at least 2000 years, and keep doing it.
Right now the Dash DAO is a like a bad joke - how many MNOs does it take to change a light bulb? DCG, "but what is the point of lightbulbs when we have 12 hours of daylight?"
Probably the proposal discussions have moved to discord where I do not participate. A few conspiring.

Nobody talks or cares about it in Discord, as far as I can see. I have no access to the mno discord channel, but I really doubt whether they talk about it there too.

At least we are lucky we can talk about it here. Imagine that the pythagoreans were all (but two) burned due to the numbers, so it is an improvement of humanity that talking about vote the numbers is tolerated.
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The votes will do the talking. I see no need for the ability to cast a fractional vote.
Of course you don't, why would a multi-node owner care when they already can do so. If we're going to openly show prejudice against the pleb single-node owners, then we might as well make 4K nodes the norm. This will happen I am sure... and then 10K in the final throws of death.
The votes will do the talking. I see no need for the ability to cast a fractional vote.

Nah...it is the daemons, voting through the naysayers, that do the talking....When "vote the numbers" was firstly introduced to the Dash community, very few, for example myself, @GrandMasterDash, @UdjinM6[ (who also wrote the code) or @Pietro Speroni agreed.

All the rest, the vast majority, fiercely denied the idea to vote the numbers, and the same happens today.
Daemons....Ancient powerfull Daemons, at least 2000 years old, are involved in this issue...
People cannot escape from them, and this seems to apply to you too...
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