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Pre-Proposal (Dash sponsor Future Tech Podcast?)

Richard Jacobs

New member

We recently interviewed Amanda B. Johnson for our Future Tech Podcast,
and will be interviewing Perry Woodin (Node 40) tomorrow.

Dash appears to be an up and coming crypto currency that has a ton
of great features (instant send, etc), and we'd like to interview more
Dash-ficionados on the Future Tech Podcast.

Would the community or (persons in charge) be open to sponsoring
the Future Tech Podcast to help spread the word about Dash?

Thus far, we've conducted approx 31 interviews in the crypto and
blockchain space, and are rapidly accumulating more.

Thank you,

Lucian Gutica, interview faciliator
Future Tech Podcast (on iTunes and the web)
Thanks for doing Dash interviews, all attention helps!

Only masternodes can decide about proposals (you mentioned people in charge). Can you share some information on the size of your audience and that kind of stuff?

We're currently getting approximately 300 listeners per podcast on iTunes,
and approx 50 per day (for all podcasts) on the website, and these numbers
are growing steadily.

Our audience is composed of early adopters of new technologies.

The full name of the podcast is: Future Tech Podcast (Almost here, round the
corner technologies). All of our interviews are free, and the interviewee gets
the benefit of being promoted on Itunes, the Future Tech website, on Twitter
(for the first 3-4 days after posting), and on Facebook (first week of posting).

What other information would be useful to know?

What other information would be useful to know?

Thanks for supporting Dash!

Any information that can represent this proposal as attractive (maximum benefits with minimal price) would be useful.

Personally I am comparing all other "promotional" proposals with "Dash Detailed" effect/price ratio.
Hey guys,

Just got back from BTC Miami and met Moo Cow Moo and heard Ryan
speak as well. Great conference!

As for the proposal, how do I formalize it to be voted on?


I've listened to a number of these podcasts and some of the guests have been very informative. Particularly liked recent interviews with CEO of Genesis Mining and the one about KYC/AML regs with the guy from BitAML - very informative.
One thing that could be improved a bit is the interviewing skills, which occasionally give the impression that not enough preparation went into thinking about good questions to ask from the perspective of different types of listeners.
But all in all this podcast series is a winner. I am on board.