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[Pre-Proposal] Dash Serbia November and December Activities

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Due to a limited number of verifications on a single phone number, while making a YouTube channel, I couldn't verify Dash Serbia channel in order to upload the video.

Instead, until I find another phone number I uploaded a video on our Facebook page which you can watch below.

Dash Serbia 1st Meetup


I would like to thank Dash Community for making this happen, and in return, I've added a couple of extras to show how much traction Dash got by organizing its 1st meetup here in Serbia, the reason behind it you can check on Dash Force News interview one month ago.

With over 950 yes votes on my previous proposal, I managed to do even more than I anticipated and thanks to Joel, you can read all about it here, so I am hoping that I earned the trust of MNO’s with my accomplishments so far.

The due great success of my last proposal, I will make dedicated Dash events instead merging it for being part of Startup Grind for 3-5 months as it was initially planned, which is a great, great thing for a start.

I would like to mention that around 3 Dash has left from the previous proposal and it will be used for covering expenses for following meetups!

That said, here is what I’ve done so far:

First of all, I partnered up with guys from Garage Lab Belgrade who wholeheartedly supported the preparation for the event we had on the 13th, especially with Djordje (one of the co-founders) who will join me intensively for the further Dash Serbia activities. Garage Lab is a growing makerspace focusing on Blockchain, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence, with a large number of well-visited monthly events on these topics.

At the same time, I’ve extended my cooperation with people from Smart City Challenge who saw Dash as an opportunity to have a mutual promotion on their next large event which will happen in December this year.

Moving on to the next thing:

In process:

Partnership with Electronic Currency District:

From the start they showed great interest for implementing Dash into their ATMs, the first ATM which should have Dash available is in ICT Hub where Dash Serbia meetup is held, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be implemented on time due to bugs in the system and API.

They haven’t figure out what causes the problem so far, but they are working on it to be implemented as soon as possible. From quick chat we had on an event they said they will try to fix it by the end of the month, but we will have another meeting to further discuss Dash estimate of implementation into their systems and solving current problems that cause it.

On the bright side we plan to spread our cooperation in a couple of sectors:

  • Implementing Dash into all of their ATMs in Belgrade and Novi Sad

  • Implementing Dash as an option for trading on their website

  • Further improving the functionality of Dash on EDC's.rs ATMs (after testing and debugging), making Dash directly exchangeable for Serbian Dinars. Our provisional goal is to finish this work by the end of October.

  • Looking for an option to create local POS terminal for Dash implementation - to be used by local stores and restaurants
- Aiming to sign a partnership deal with Smart City Challenge for their big finale event in December.

- We took the first steps towards translating Dash.org website to the Serbian language.

- We’ve received an invitation to organize a lecture and a Dash presentation at the Belgrade Venture Forum in mid-November and we are currently negotiating details.

Plans for November

- We’ve received an exclusive opportunity to use a time slot at one of the biggest tech conferences in Belgrade - Belgrade Venture Forum.

What is Belgrade Venture Forum?

1. Pitching opportunity:

The best innovative companies and ideas will compete in front of international investment jury and many more investors in the audience. Everyone will walk out with transformative experience and many with serious investment offers.

2. Conference:

Investors, entrepreneurs, and opinion leaders will share information, opinions, and experience. They'll assess the latest trends and opportunities, give advice and teach us how to grow and earn more.

3. Exhibition

Innovative startups and corporations will showcase their offerings and create a truly unique experience. This is also additional opportunity to network and find great business partners.

BgVf 2016 in numbers:

- 500 business participants
- 35 pitching startups
- 60 speakers
- 50 investors

- Our plan is to hold a blockchain-focused lecture and a practical workshop, with the goal of bringing the technology closer to the larger audience. At the same time, we will use the opportunity to throw a flash introduction to Dash by handing out paper wallets to the audience and giving some basic info about Dash and its benefits.

- We want to establish a tradition of holding dedicated Dash events (meetups) once a month and November would be a perfect opportunity to focus on the more in-depth talk about the Dash ecosystem.

- Completing Dash.org website translation.

Plans for December

The big December activity will be the large Smart City Challenge finals event.

This startup accelerator/competition has attracted a lot of attention from both local national and regional media. We’ve planned a Dash sponsorship of 20 Dash prize pool for winners. This will provide us with huge visibility nation-wide, bringing Dash closer to the general public and the tech community such as:

And many others.

- Continue with the monthly dedicated Dash meetup.

We are considering renting a booth at the IT Days Belgrade conference in mid-December if we conclude it will be beneficial for our activities.


Since some activities in December requires 1 month upfront payment, this proposal will be for 2 months instead of the bi-monthly proposal as initially was planned.

~ 3 Dash, along with stickers, badges and T-shirts are left from the previous proposal and it will be reused for future Dash Serbia meetups, giveaways, etc...

  • 2 month worth of Facebook Ads for better outreach, Social Media Manager (better engagement with followers) and Design (promo materials, Social Media, goodies) for future activities - ~3500 euros ~ 13.75 Dash

  • IT Days and Belgrade Venture Forum booths and sponsorship - ~ 3500 euros ~ 14 Dash

  • 2 month camera for Dash meetups ~ 600 euros ~ 2.40 Dash

  • 2 month Garage Lab Sponsorship, Activities and Marketing ~ 5000 euros ~ 19.65 Dash

  • December - Smart City Challenge Sponsorship and Marketing ~ 5100 euros = 20 Dash

  • 2 month Startup Grind Serbia Sponsorship - 3000 euros ~ 12 Dash

  • 2 Month venue for Dash Serbia meetups - 300 euros ~ 1.2 Dash

  • Proposal reimbursement - 5 Dash

Requested funding for November is 88 Dash based on current price of around 254 euros.

Note: This is proposal for 2 months due circumstances for December sponsorships and activities
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Due to a limited number of verifications on a single phone number, while making a YouTube channel, I couldn't verify Dash Serbia channel in order to upload the video.

Instead, until I find another phone number I uploaded a video on our Facebook page which you can watch below.

Dash Serbia 1st Meetup