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Pre-Proposal: Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only (June) & Users Only (July) / Vene

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Hi everyone!
In response to some observations we have received, we have decided to review some details of our proposal, which generated some changes in it.

Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only(June) & Users Only (July) / Venezuela


This proposal consists of making 2 consecutive conferences that will have specific objectives each one, with different public as well. The first conference will be held in June focused on merchants only. The second conference will be held in the month of July focused on general public.

Both conferences will have the same theoretical-practical format used in the previous conference in April, where attendees received in the morning the basic knowledge necessary to use Dash as a method of payment, and in the afternoon they attended to "Dash City" fair, where they lived the experience of buying local products with Dash.

Below you can see the videos summaries of the event of April 19
Dash City Fair

It is important to indicate that the event called "Users Only " will be held at the Hyper Jumbo Mall, where attendees can buy at any of the stores of this Shopping Center


After our successful first conference held on April 19 here in Maracay, we have been invited to a series of meetings with businessmen, merchants and professional guilds. From these meetings we understood that it is necessary to separate the different targets in each conference; that is, the information required by an entrepreneur or merchant (Seller) is very different from the information required by a person from the general public (Buyer), since there are different interests in each one of them.

These meetings have motivated us to propose these 2 consecutive conferences. The Conference called “Merchants Only" is aimed specifically to Business Owners and Freelancers; it will expose the basic tools necessary for companies to adopt Dash as a method of payment. After this conference, we estimate that a significant number of stores will adopt Dash as payment method. For this event we will especially invite the owners of the Hyper Jumbo Mall stores. In this way we will be ready for the following event, "Users Only”

"Users Only" will explain to the general public how to use Dash as a payment method and protection against hyperinflation. This Conference will be held at Hyper Jumbo Mall, one of the most important Mall of the City, where there is more than 200 stores.

In Venezuela there is a problem of hyperinflation, according to experts in economics, it is estimated that this year Venezuela will suffer an inflation of 13,000%, which means that the Bolívar is worth less every day. Dash is the best alternative to protect people's money.

Proposal Main Goal:
The main goal of this proposal is to establish Dash as the main payment method in the Central Region of Venezuela.

Dash Maracay 2nd Conference: "Merchants Only"

This event will take place in June and will be aimed exclusively to Business Owners and Freelancers. The conference will provide the necessary tools to implement Dash in theirs business.

Our Dash Maracay Community Platform allows us to segment the target audience. We have more than 1500 registered in our community, where more than half of them are business owners and freelancers.

Strategies for adopting Dash within businesses will be explained; for example, the accounting process that must be followed in Venezuela when using Dash and the different marketing strategies that can be applied.

Conference: 500 Attendees
Place: Hotel Pipo Internacional
Target: 100%
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Senior Business Executives
Dash City Fair:
  • 40 entrepreneurs
  • 500 Attendees





Dash Maracay 3rd Conference: Users Only
This event will be held in July and will be focused on how to use Dash to acquire products, savings and capital protection.

Through this conference, users will understand the alternatives that Dash has, its use, benefits and attributes. It can even serve as a means of saving.

The hyperinflation problem in Venezuela would motivate the users to use Dash in order to protect their capital, because people lose quickly the value of their work. The idea is to teach attendees how to protect their money by exchanging theirs Bolivars to Dash, so they can plan their purchases without losing the value of their work.

Essentially, this would mean a change in the consumer behavior.

500 Attendees
Place: Hyper Jumbo Mall
  • General public that has never attended any previous conference
Dash City Mall:
  • 650 Attendees





Total Budget in 2 Payments


In conclusion, with these two events, your support and hand and hand with Dash Venezuela, we will continue to promote the adoption of Dash in the Central Region of Venezuela.

visit us at: www,dashmaracay.org.ve

Dash Maracay
About us

Dash Maracay is the largest community in the Central Region of Venezuela (1500 people so far and growing…), composed of innovative people and constantly learning about the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is a friendly platform where its members interact with each other from the social, cultural and economic point of view, in order to create value in the exchange of this digital asset.

We are leaders in the promotion of DASH-Digital Cash adoption in the Central Region of the Country.

Promote the adoption of Dash-Digital Cash to convert it into the most widely used cryptocurrency in the Central Region of the Country.

Dash Maracay is a community committed to its members, promoting interaction among them, betting on the growth and development of the people that make it up.


The Dash Maracay community was created by a group of professionals with extensive business and trade experience in the State of Aragua. Its founding members are:

Williams Gollini B. Civil Engineer. Former Vice President of the Real Estate Chamber of the State of Aragua

José Manuel Da Silva De Pita. Certified Public Accountant. President of the Chamber of Industry of the State of Aragua (2017-2019). Regional coordinator of the “Aprendiendo a Emprender” program in the Aragua State.

Héctor Gómez Camperos. Graduated in Tourism. 1st Vice-President of FEDECÁMARAS Aragua (2017-2019). Former President of the Aragua State Real Estate Chamber.

Eduardo Fuenmayor Fernández. Business administrator. Director at the Aragua State Real Estate Chamber (2017-2019).

Contact: Dash Maracay
We recently held our first event, and it was really successful. The assistants were very satisfied with the information received, and the most important thing is that everyone talks about Dash now. We achieved the goal of positioning the brand.

The details of this event and results can be seen in the following link:


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The Dash Maracay Community continues to grow

After the first event, held last Thursday, April 19, 2018, at the prestigious Hotel Pipo Internacional, the activities of this team of professionals have not stopped. Companies, universities and unions from the economic environment of the state of Aragua have been asking for advice to understand the world of cryptocurrencies, and why Dash has advantages as a payment currency, and what would be the process of adopting it in stores, industries and tourism. See the complete news here: https://www.dashmaracay.org.ve/noticias/la-comunidad-dash-maracay-sigue-creciendo/


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On May 24, was held the conference: "Dash: a tool for building worker loyalty". The event was held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Industry of the State of Aragua, and was attended by 80 people, mostly managers involved in the areas of Human Resources and Personnel Administration of the companies.

The event consisted of explaining to the attendees how Dash can be used to complement the benefits of the workers, generating a commitment with the companies and the work. The purpose of this conference was to explain how companies can develop plans that benefit workers, generating loyalty.

With these plans, the exodus of personnel abroad would decrease, a negative situation that currently affects industries and companies in the country.

On the other hand, making this benefit plan would increase the adoption of Dash in the market, since workers will be able to buy Dash.

The conference was carried out with the financing of Dash Central, channeled by Dash Venezuela and coordinated with Dash Maracay. Among the speakers were algodon.franelas(founder of Dash Venezuela), Alexis Lugo (Coordinator of Communities Dash Venezuela) and Mariela Llovera (Director of the company Nayma Consultores).

See More at our Web Site

In few days we will present the video of the event