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Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

Would you support this proposal?

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    Votes: 23 82.1%
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    Votes: 4 14.3%
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Good afternoon community
As we said before, today my colleague @ Carlos Trujillo and I were giving the talk "Law 2.0" in which we were talking from the legal point of view of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and Latin America.
We could also talk about the benefits of Dash for young people and we observed a great interest in its adoption and daily use.
We continue to grow and strengthen the Dash community in Guayana.




Dear community, with deep sadness, we must announce that the Dash Guayana project did not have all the votes in this voting cycle. We understand that there was strong competition and that for the community it was necessary to prioritize other projects ahead of it.
We also want to announce that from Dash Guayana we will not stop working and that we will continue with this great project with the reforms that are necessary to apply. We understand the potential that Dash has and how they can help our region and we want to contribute in this way a grain of sand to all the problems and the crisis that our country is experiencing.
Personally, I want to thank all the members and MNOs that supported us in this proposal. Many of his words were a livelihood that led us to strive to demonstrate the best of our Guayana and how this could be a place where the characteristics of Dash to enhance the use of this great community.
Really, thank you very much to everyone. We will continue working to improve.
Dear community
We want to announce that we are making some improvements and changes to improve the proposal of Dash Guayana based on all the comments and feedbacks that were provided by the community and the MNOs in the voting cycle.
As you can see in the project, we have sought to make the budget as attractive as possible and for that we have looked for cheaper prices as well as we have talked with the staff to reduce salaries.
Likewise, we have added to the proposal a marketing plan that will have the objective of expanding the impact of the conference on a larger scale and all the information that will be imparted in it.
Finally, this week, we have had meetings with trading chambers that are established in Guayana, with the aim of making alliances that allow us to reach more businesses that accept Dash as payment.
We continue working on other elements to improve the proposal and make it attractive to the MNOs and the community.
Unfortunately, we still do not have the 5 Dash to upload the proposal. We continue working to get it and we can enter the voting cycle.
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Regards for our community. In this moment, the Dash Guayana Proyect is in troubles. We are motivated to present Dash in our city, regrettably we not has been financed by community.

We have identified the shortcomings of our initial proposal and we have reformulated to optimize resources and present even more benefits to the community but the big problem we have is to get the 5 dash to re-present our powerful project, which we are sure can add immense value to Dash. In this sense and while looking for funding we wanted to inform that we were available to receive donations, contributions and / or help that can add to gather the 5 dash corresponding at the following address:


If the goal of the 5 Dash is not reached, the money will be used to hold small talks at important universities in the area. Taking Dash to more corners of Venezuela that is our main objective. We go ahead and in advance thank you very much.
Hello to the whole community!

On Thursday, June 28, we had our first Meet Up in Guayana thanks to the support provided by Dash Venezuela.
The impact of Dash in Venezuela has been impressive, demonstrating that the application of new technologies can help the Venezuelan to solve their economic problems.

In this opportunity we were able to demonstrate to businessmen and citizens the experience of using Dash and were amazed at the ease and speed with which operations can be done.

We thank DASH Venezuela for the support provided for this event in Guayana.

We hope to continue so that Guayana becomes an important bastion for Dash.

I leave the video of our activity on Thursday 28 and the results: