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Pre-Proposal - DASH FAQ's, Documentation and Web - Professional localization to other languages


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Hey Dash-ers,

I've already proposed similar offer for Evolution Wallet below. However, to be a world-wide service, we should have our Web page, FAQ's and mainly Documentation localized to at least the main languages (FIGS, Asian Region, etc.). I browsed the Official Documentation page and there is barely any content translated.

As I mentioned in my Evolution Wallet proposal, I do work for Keywords Studios, which is offering beside other services also a localization to "all languages".
With this connection, I would like to offer myself as a middle man to procure the localization part for any Dash product on a professional level and to any language possible.

Having the documentation localized is critical especially for something like Dash and its current "starting" position. Not all people are getting well with English and having all necessary information available in their mother language would help to grow Dash.

If that would be for Dash developers more comfortable, we can look into the localization for Evolution, FAQs, etc. as a one project, or multiple smaller projects.
Please reach to me and I can provide more info, especially pricing, etc.

If there would be need for continuous localization service for Dash, I would gladly to offer myself to that role to secure this very important part to help Dash to grow world-wide.

Thank you,

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