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Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

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Countrywide massive adoption strategy

Dash Caracas was the first Dash Community in Venezuela, and since its foundation the Dash phenomenon in our country has been huge and without precedents. That is why we founded Dash Venezuela, an organization that works without a rest to make of Venezuela the 1st Dash Nation, helping all of the leaders of Dash Communities and projects in Venezuela to work in a collaborative environment, and making of Dash the most popular cryptocurrency in Venezuela.

You can find all about DASH Caracas’ events here:


You can find everything about DASH Venezuela here:


We will be working in alliance with the communities of:

  1. Cripto UCV

  2. DASH Barquisimeto

  3. DASH Baruta

  4. DASH Costas de Aragua

  5. DASH Guarenas-Guatire

  6. DASH Higuerote

  7. DASH La Guaira

  8. DASH Libertador

  9. DASH Los Teques

  10. DASH Maracaibo

  11. DASH Maracay

  12. Dash Monagas

  13. DASH Puerto La Cruz

  14. DASH Valencia

  15. Dash Valera-Trujillo

  16. DASH Valle de la Pascua

  17. Dash Bolívar

  18. DASH Táchira
Including Dash Caracas, we are 19 active communities in Venezuela, and we are going to open 2700 new wallets in activities such as meetups and workshops, where we are also going to detect new entrepreneurs and merchants to teach them how to accept Dash as payment or donation.

Here you can see our detailed budget:



In order to be aligned as allied communities, we are going to hold one monthly reunion, to make training activities and work meetings, aside of the daily communications via Telegram, and our weekly hangout meeting.

Here you can see our detailed budget:


Here you can see the summary budget and total request for this proposal:


Dear MNOs, please read and vote for this proposal. Thank you very much!
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Hello everyone,
I am Edwar Vidarte, member of the Dashplc Community of Venezuela.

We have made 8 events with the support of Dash Force and some larger ones with the support of Dash Venezuela.

You can see a video of our events:

Throughout this time, we have reached +250 open wallet and more than 10 merchants and independent professionals who accept DASH as a means of payment.
With the funds of this proposal we can make bigger and more innovative events with the support of Dash Venezuela,
where we will emphasize the importance of the use of DASH as a means of payment and thus we will solve some inconveniences of the flow of money that we are presenting in the country.

We have a lot of work to do.

I appreciate the support of the MN in this proposal.

Thank you
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We from the Dash Valencia community, appreciate the great effort of Dash Venezuela to support the Communities of the entire nation, but with this proposal we can reach more people this month, and teach Venezuelans the advantages of using Dash as a currency. payment in their common transactions.

Here some of our photos:

collage participantes.jpg

We want to share the satisfaction of knowing that the Dash community, from everywhere in the world, knows, follows and supports our work for the benefit of more than 500 entrepreneurs and merchants, about 20 communities, NGOs, as well as small and large companies. Venezuelans that today accept Dash as a form of payment and donation, and who already know the differentiating features and benefits of our currency.

We have received more than 148 Dash in the form of generous donations and loans, that testify that they believe and trust our work.


We know that behind each of your contributions there is the certainty that the experience gained in Venezuela will not only transform the economic landscape of this country, but also make it a reference model for other nations in the world where Dash will position itself as an economic alternative capable of producing wealth and development for its citizens.

Dash Venezuela has an extraordinary team made up of more than 20 people, and others who participate directly or indirectly in our events, workshops, communities, conferences and training days.

Together we are stronger! We are sure that we will continue to count on the support of the DAO, and your contributions are a pleasing testimony of this. The size and quality of our initiatives would not be possible without the support of the MNOs and the recognition of the entire community with which, we are sure, we can count on to reach the 219 Dash goal that we will use for our July’s conference and keep undefeated our record of large and successful conferences over a year.

Thousands of Venezuelans have already turned their attention to Dash - Digital Cash. We have managed to reach the first places in the download of wallets and traffic in the page www.dash.org. More than 500 commercial projects have participated in our educational activities. We have managed to establish alliances with 22 communities in Venezuela and we are establishing relationships with other communities in Latin America that have contacted us to know and replicate our best practices. All this is thanks to our effort and the support of the DAO.

Now we have to add our thanks to the generous people who have donated or loaned us Dash:

  • @FabioBossi
  • fount4inhead
  • Siakisboy
  • thethrowaccount21


  • @AlejandroE#7535
  • @Bphxsundevil#4406
  • @dancefordistribution#8642
  • @Dandy#7870
  • @DashUser33#2452
  • @Goobadoo#5788
  • @Mastermined#4926 in behalf of the Dash Force Team
  • @Raptor73#4632
  • @solarguy#8081
  • @Ultimatecrypto#1065

And so many others donators who have done it anonymously!

We want to be the first Dash Nation and our enthusiasm is intact, that is why the entire Dash Venezuela team will continue working tirelessly to spread the knowledge, adoption and massive use of Dash Digital Cash in our country.

To help us get to our goal of 219 Dash, you can make your donation here:



In the name of a team, an alliance and a country, we want to say:


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Hi, I'm Pedro and I'm a member of dash PLC

In repeated opportunities that all the different communities that work in veneuela have had meetings, there has been highlighted the importance of generating proposals together that allow us to take advantage of all the know-how developed by this great team of DASH CCS that are now DASH Venezuela.

This proposal is the first that directly includes all the communities that have already delivered results through the different tools presented by the DAO, from there comes the importance of it.

With these comments we want to reinforce our commitment to the development of this great project that we all have in mind, and we ask all MNOs who want to know more about the activities of each community to feel free to ask any questions about how we plan to achieve these results.

I say goodbye but not without first inviting you to review our official DASH PLC treat, where you will find detailed information on all the activities developed and the potential that can be exploited.

Hi Everyone .. we are pleased to announce our next event in Maracay "How to impulse the Real Estate Market with Dash and other Cryptocurrencies". This event is organized by Dash Maracay with the financing and support of Dash Venezuela and with the sponsorship of some franchises in the Real Estate Sector.

After the event we will post the video of the presentation on our YouTube channel.

Follow us at @dashmaracay and find out about the details of the event.




Hello, my name is Euzulys Bello, founder of the dash monagas community, and thanks to the support of dash Venezuela we have already done 2 meetup in our city with great acceptance and enthusiasm for the public, attracting 20 businessmen willing to accept Dash as payment method metho.

We have participated in interviews on local television and radio broadcasting the benefits of use in the usual way

here we show you part of our work. thank you very much.


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Rodrigo Digital tells us about the history of money

One of the best ways to understand cryptocurrencies is by understanding the forms
of value exchange between human beings, the stories and the evolutions that lead us
to cryptocurrencies. Part of Rodrigo Ambrissi's presentation of Dash Brasil in our
9th. Dash Conference Venezuela

Interview to Eugenia with Adrian Barros

We were together with the journalist Adrián Barros on the radio of one of the most
visited news portals in the country: Caraota Digital. In this conversation we were able
to share the benefits of Dash as a cryptocurrency for micro-payments and how this is
helping so many Venezuelan entrepreneurs, more than 400 small and medium businesses
accept Dash as a form of payment and investment.

gjcfSin título.png
Interview with Hanny Figueroa with Delvalle Canelón

Getting closer to more important media gives us the opportunity to connect with many
Venezuelans who have a great interest in knowing more about cryptocurrencies.
This week Hanny Figueroa our Entrepreneurship Coordinator attended the radio with
the important journalist Del Valle Canelón with whom we talked about the current economic
panorama and how we are working with more than 200 entrepreneurs and businesses that
already work with Dash Venezuela

Sin títusyjsslo.png
Greetings to all on behalf of the team of @Dash_Maracaibo , we reiterate our commitment to the massive adoption of Dash and for this we require the support of the community in the dissemination and input in our proposals to improve our approach to the common welfare.


From Maracaibo we have developed several events in which we talk about technology and specifically 3 of them focused exclusively on Dash as a financial exchange platform, we have received the collaboration of DashForce in one of them and @dashvenezuela in another. We want to grow and we have the potential, we believe that our investment of time, talent and money will see its fruits in a real adoption and for this we join this proposal made by DashVenezuela.
We dream of seeing more people receive payments for their services in exchange for Dash and that they will have direct exchanges without intermediaries.
Follow our progress on Instagram

Dash Mall Conference

Galerías Los Naranjos Shopping Center, Caracas


Entrepreneurs and store tenants of the Galerias Los Naranjos Shopping Center stated their intention to adopt Dash - Digital Cash, among their forms of payment in the near future.

These statements were made within the framework of an event held by Dash Venezuela on May 27th, designed for the entrepreneurs and merchants of the shopping center. The meeting counted with 2 conferences about Dash and other cryptocurrencies, dictated by experts in the subject and that was followed by the installation of a Dash City.


Among the attendees there was Interi Diseños, Century 21 Los Naranjos, Al Natural Restaurant, La Mansión de San Pedro locksmith, and Caracas Ophthalmology Unit, as well as members of the board of directors.

"I'm not hesitant to enter Dash," said Douglas Albornoz, owner of the La Mansión de San Pedro locksmith shop. "I am very happy with all this, because it is the system to which we are going to enter the world. This gives me international coverage and gives me confidence. "

On the other hand, Roberto Mujica, owner of Interi Diseños, a company specializing in home automation, claims to be close to incorporating Dash into his business, and comments that "Dash Venezuela is doing a good role in encouraging businesses and is boosting its scope to entrepreneurship to convert them into multipliers of information ".

For Patricia Torrealba and Joan Gonzalez, real estate agents of Century 21 located in Galerias Los Naranjos, the incorporation of Dash adds "as a financial alternative to payment methods", Torrealba explains, and highlights: "Blockchain will continue to evolve, and the best is take it from the beginning (...), is the evolution of the economy ".

Finally, two members of the Caracas Ophthalmology Unit, which has an office in the shopping center, assured that "we are going to take all the lessons of the conference to evaluate the incorporation of Dash".

"In an area like ours, the speed, and the volume of transactions, are advantages that the adoption of Dash can give us," explains Evelyn Goncalves, manager of the unit's administration of the shopping center.

Conference and Dash City

The conferences were in charge of the founder of Dash Venezuela, Eugenia Alcalá and Lorenzo Rey, engineer specialist in home automation and co-founder of the support center Dash Help.


The event began with the intervention of Rey, who addressed the public of entrepreneurs with a talk entitled: "Cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs", in order to introduce attendees, mostly beginners in cryptocurrencies and chain technology of blocks, to issues related to value, commercial exchanges and the place occupied by cryptocurrencies in current commercial transactions and their legality in the national territory.

The expert highlighted some of the advantages offered by Dash - Digital Cash, as a form of change. Between these, they emphasize: the speed of payment, the low commissions and the possibility of making cross-border payments of immediate form; as well as the Dash governance system, which provides greater stability to the currency and the possibility of better investing digital capital.

Eugenia Alcalá, founder and director of Dash Venezuela, spoke about the growth and work that the Venezuelan organization has done, and presented the success stories of entrepreneurs who have adopted the cryptocurrency among their payment methods.


She talked about the case of Ilegal, the Venezuelan clothing brand, which has several stores, one of which is located in the CCCT (one of the most important malls in Caracas), where customers can cancel their purchases through the digital currency, and the NGO Regala Una Sonrisa, which has managed to serve more than 500 people in street situations, thanks to the donations received in Dash.


During the presentation, Alcalá said that there are currently hundreds of businesses that have already adopted the currency and more than 10 K registered users in the Dash Venezuela database. Counting more than 2,700 registered transactions per event, the country is emerging as the second in the world in number of downloads of the mobile wallet of Dash.

Among the reasons that facilitate the adoption of Dash in Venezuela, Alcalá highlighted the figures of sustained growth that the organization has lain in the national territory, currently counting with more than 20 Allied Communities throughout the country.

Then a panel of questions and answers was held, with Eugenia Alcalá, Lorenzo Rey and Meilyn Alejo, the Finance Director of Dash Venezuela answering the public's doubts.


Finally, the guests experienced the Ciudad Dash experience, with the presence of 20 entrepreneurs, and then they went through the interactive tables, where they answered questions and signed up to attend our training for entrepreneurs and merchants.





In the face of doubts about the legality of cryptocurrencies in the country, the experts quoted articles 1, 2 and 9 of the constituent decree of April 4 on cryptoactives in Venezuela, where the commercial use of cryptocurrencies and related activities is recognized:

"The Venezuelan State will promote, protect and guarantee the use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment in public institutions, private, mixed or joint ventures, inside and outside the national territory," reads the ninth article of the decree.


Total attendees: 112

Total entrepreneurships at DASH City: 20

Event photo album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dashcaracas/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1883075551989954
Report 9th Dash Conference in Caracas - Venezuela
"Technology and Money. Dash and other cryptocurrencies"


On June 16, we held the 9th Dash Caracas conference. In this opportunity, the event took place in the Santa Rosa de Lima School in the south east of the city of Caracas, we had the presence and participation of Rodrigo Ambrissi, the well known founder of Dash Brazil and famous youtuber specialized in cryptocurrencies, who addressed an audience of more than 500 interested attendees with his presentation "Technology and Money. Dash - Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies. "

We have special appreciation for this conference because its characteristics were different from the previous ones, our proposal was not approved by the MNOs, and with the conviction of continuing to bring real solutions to our community we decided to work as a team with the people who support us, from suppliers, allies and important people from the Dash Community participated in the crowdfunding dedicated to the management of the 9th. Conference. We managed to raise 52.58432296 Dash which allowed us to maintain the quality level for our guests. Rodrigo and my person also decided to donate our fees in favor of the excellent management that takes place in the production of our events. Also, we managed to make negotiations with some of our providers, they agreed to give us some of they products and services for free in exchange for either advertisement or trainings.


Our June event had the same dynamics as our past events, we organized our workshop for journalists in Espacios Curvi, collaborative offices that remember the beginnings of Dash Venezuela. In our sixth workshop, 10 journalists received the necessary information and attention to replicate in their media the characteristics, benefits and advantages of Dash - Digital Cash.


In parallel to Rodrigo's agenda, we were fulfilling our responsibility for technical testing and pre-production work in the hall of the Santa Rosa de Lima School. Where we also take advantage of their spaces to meet with the leaders of the allied Dash Communities in Venezuela.


This is the month to use the Dash new image and that's why June worked as a transition month to use the latest material prepared with the old brand designs. We continue working to make our event a visual impact for our guests.


That Saturday the conference began with the words of Rodrigo before more than 529 people who got their invitations through the link sent to our database that today exceeds 10k registered people. Rodrigo compared the current situation in Venezuela with that experienced in Brazil between the 80s and 90s. "Our situation was the same as yours" and indicated some of the benefits that digital currencies can bring to our country. This filled the hopes of many of those present, since the critical situation in Venezuela is a continuous challenge for us. For this reason, the success of the proposal that we take each month goes hand in hand with positively accompanying all those who wish to safeguard their savings, it is for all those Venezuelans who want new solutions for their personal economy.


Rodrigo defined cryptocurrencies as "a type of decentralized electronic exchange that uses Blockchain technology". He explained that, while a centralized organization, such as banking entities, is hierarchical, decentralized systems, such as the blockchain, distribute the power of decision among its members, so that digital currencies allow their users to have greater power to decision on your assets, properties and commercial transactions:


"Now there is a technology that replaces a centralized building, with 200 workers and intermediaries, to a decentralized digital wallet," said the lecturer.

Rodrigo also stressed that Dash - Digital Cash, is an option for economic defense and preservation of capital in the face of cases in which decisions made by governments, banking institutions or other intermediaries. Situations such as hyperinflation, monetary reconversion, devaluation of the currency and the confiscation of capital, a product "of the economic disorder of a centralized entity", are avoided by cryptocurrencies because they are decentralized assets and not regulated by any intermediary, said Rambrassi:

"Digital currencies are not taxable or traceable, nor do they require permits: the strength and result of your work is yours," concluded the lecturer.


After Rodrigo's intervention, my talk helped complement the basic concepts about cryptocurrencies and Dash.


Also to introduce part of my work team: Meylin Alejo as our Companies Program Coordinator, is responsible for taking the Dash solution to large companies. Hanny Figueroa is our leader for the Entrepreneurs Program Coordination, not only for the good performance of Dash City, but also for the good development of the knowledge about Dash - Digital Cash of all entrepreneurs and merchants. And last but as important as Hanny and Meylin, I presented Alexis Lugo our Community Program leader, in charge of organizing all the groups of people from all over Venezuela who want to replicate the good practices of Dash Caracas.


The interventions of Francisco Soares from the NGO "Regala una Sonrisa" gave smiles to all our public and from our already customary panel of specialists: Rodrigo, Cristhian and my person answered the questions of the audience present in the room, thus reiterating the message that through Dash Dinero Digital we can be able to capitalize on good ideas and we have the opportunity to continue quality projects that allow an evolution to all involved.


During the intervention of Rodrigo, we had more than 100 active viewers in the live transmission made through our account of @DashCaracas in Instagram, demonstrating again that the interest of our followers is important and constant.

At the end of the conference, 47 of our entrepreneurs registered in Dash Venezuela gathered at the 7th edition of Dash City, where they offered everything from gastronomy, electronic products, clothing and more to the attendees of the event.


At the end of the day in Ciudad Dash, we counted the amount of 2,923 transactions in Dash alone, enhancing its use in all attendees who for the first time participated in the dynamics of exchange of services and products by cryptocurrencies.


We are proud and inspired to continue our work to bring solutions to all those interested, our team is still committed to Dash and we are happy to continue receiving guests of Rodrigo's height because he nourishes us with his feedback and projection.


Total attendees: 529

Total entrepreneurships at DASH City: 47

Event photo album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dashcaracas/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1902513303379512

Event videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDpCQcRX6kC6z9Txa9ZucSXuj3SDsKMUa