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Pre-Proposal: Dash Buys A Seat At TenX

There would be no legal issue with the trust owning a legal entity to operate a Dash credit card brokerage business. The SEC ruling simply does not apply to Dash, because Dash is not a security. In fact, all Dash in existence was given away as compensation from the network to various entities for a task performed (miners, MN owners, and proposal owners). Reselling those non-securities assets is not illegal. Whether it is Coinbase or "Dashbase" performing the brokering is completely irrelevant to whether the asset is considered a security. Even "Dashbase" would have to buy the Dash on the open market.

The only way we would get into trouble would be if the network issued new currency in exchange for fiat... in other words we would need to create new tokens specifically for sale to the public. It obviously doesn't work like that, and never will.

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about whether the SEC ruling applies to Dash. Unequivocally, the SEC ruling has absolutely NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER on the Dash network.

Amen to that
am happy to be corrected
(but do not like the general idea of us as Dash selling any coins direct - personal opinion ; )
So, MNOs will soon take ownership of various assets and will also have the ability to form partnerships or buy companies etc. In which case, I propose our first purchase should be a seat at the TenX table. With that, we could give priority to dash in all marketing and also offer various incentives when users pay with dash.

I don't know the numbers but it would be a multi-month purchase.
can you please answer my question ? what exactly does DASH gain ?