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Pre-proposal: Dash Branding for Sydney Harbour Racing Yacht

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Hey everyone

When responding to @Bitedge on dash central I promised to post additional pics of my boats size. Note, the Land Rover boat pictured above is bigger than my boat and races in a different division. The pics below were taken at Sunday's race.

june winter series 2.jpg

Hi David,

Here is your report,
PEC Report Leonidas & Semarg for David Mason - Evaluation 1 v04 - checked.png

Couple of notes:
  • There is NO pass/failure mark. The percentage simply allows us to create a Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. The idea being that a MNO with very little time can concentrate on Proposals at the bottom of the list only. MNO’s with more time will obviously look at all proposals as per normal
  • The evaluation also enables the Evaluators to look for scammers etc and red-flag a proposal that is a possible danger to Dash. They have more time and tools to look for the tell-tale signs.
  • How did the Evaluators decide on marks: PEC Evaluator Guidelines https://goo.gl/Futw1d
  • MNO’s have been very lenient in the past. So even if you have, what you might consider a low mark, you might still pass the Vote ;)
  • Most Important: The evaluation is to give you an idea of where you can improve your proposal to have a better chance of earning MNO votes.

When you improve your proposal, please color all new material in red and don’t delete any word/sentence, but use strike through or underline. This will make it easier for the evaluator to find changes, when she or he re-evaluates your improved proposal. The MNO’s will also so be interested to see what you changed to improve your proposal.

Since you were unlucky enough to submit your Pre-Proposal just as the PEC started, you had a handicap: You did not know the importance of the Dash Project Proposal Template https://goo.gl/m0jgfS .

This Template was created some years ago by the MNO’s to get all the information that they need to make an informed decision. It is also the easiest way for you to earn extra marks ;) If your proposal did not cover a question in the Template – just put the Heading and answer in your detail doc. If your proposal does cover the question: Just put the Heading with the words: See original Proposal.
E.g.: Project Scope - Milestones and Schedule: See original Proposal.

We know this is a painful bureaucratic exercise, but once you’ve done your improvements for this 1st one, the next couple of improvements (maybe just one?) will be easy, and of course – you are bound to have more proposals in the future!

Good luck

@TroyDASH @AnarchicCluster

Apologies for the delay in giving an update on this proposal. Here is the latest:

  • The sail has been ordered with Doyles in New Zealand.
  • I expect delivery of the sail in Mid October.
  • Fitting of the sail expected early November.

I realise this is later than than the promised mid September, however some of the delays where unavoidable. But I can assure the community everything is progress.

Note: I can also confirm I have had some enquiries regarding the discounted Airbnb offer and we look forward to having some Dash community members aboard.
Hi, the crew gear has arrived and is looking great. The new mainsail has also arrived from New Zealand and is on the Marina. However, the manufacturer has forgotten to include some parts. We hope to get them via airfreight asap and have the sail up and going. Apologies for the delay. The last lap has been a bit frustrating, but the end result will be fantastic.