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Pre-proposal: Dash Aerosports - Promoting Dash to 200,000 People

Dash Aerosports - Promoting Dash to 200,000 People


Hi, I’m Scott Farnsworth. AKA DashRacer. I am a Dash masternode Owner. If you read my proposal 6 months ago, you know I made Dash Nation a rather outrageous promise that if I got funded, I’d slap my airplane's nose to tail with Dash branding… exhibit, fly, and race them at airshows all across the globe… and put Dash in front of millions of people in a very exciting way.

1186 masternode owners voted yes
395 masternode owners voted no
25 masternode owners voted abstain

The proposal was approved and in the 6 months, I’ve worked my tail off to over deliver on my original promise.

Two planes
DASH Branded 40 foot motorhome
DASH 20 foot trailer
My entire crew (10 people) got wrapped with DASH branding and put on a show of force at the Reno Air Race (250,000 spectators)… Oshkosh Air Show (the world’s largest air show with 850,000 spectators)… the Rome, Georgia airshow (176,000 spectators) among other events.


A quick note from Dash’s UI/UX Technical LEAD developer Chuck Williams:

Hey MNO's I've had several opportunities to spend time w/ @DashRacer & personally, and professionally, and I have to say that his passion and drive for Dash and mine align on many levels. I've seen the effect that his Team and his equipment had on Max Keiser, Stephen Baldwin, and his film crew. Everyone walked away with an unforgettable experience - and I think that's how he presents Dash for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It's really impressive to witness the emotional effects that your "decentralized" colleagues have on celebrities. Keep up the good work, @DashRacer - and good luck on your next proposal. May they enlighten and impress the masses.

~ P.S. I am NOT being paid for this endorsement!

A few masternodes attended these events and some others have been watching our work closely. They had some very positive things to say about our relationship with DASH:

Joshua -
In all seriousness, holy crap this team is amazing. Chuck and I got to have some drinks with them that evening... Scott gets it. He sees the potential, and he understands mass marketing the people that encounter him or his team end up understanding what Dash is in a way that relates to them and their problems and needs his ability to convert merchants also just blows me away

Stillcantstop -
You and your team are clearly getting the job done, and in fact, taking it to new places already. Can't wait for the TV coverage. You have my massive 2 vote block in the yes column.

TaoOfSatoshi -
I just finished an interview with Scott for Cash Alternative TV. I withheld my vote until I got a chance to meet him in person. Now that I have, I can say that he is confident, meticulous, proud of his image and committed to Dash. My votes are Yes. Watch for the video to be released soon.

jmmon -
This seems like pretty cheap advertising for Dash considering the exposure it will bring. Voting yes because I think this is a great deal even if Dash appreciates a lot over the next 6 months!

If you’ve attended one of our events, you know how and why we believe in DASH. We believe Blockchain and DASH are as important as they invention of the microprocessor!

But this is just the very visible TIP of the iceberg…

Because beneath the surface I went above and beyond the scope of the original proposal and worked hard to get vendors, major businesses and consumers to take notice of Dash… and more importantly… start using it in their day to day transactions.

Of course, that will not happen overnight but there is nothing more important to Dash’s long-term success.

Which is why I am asking all masternodes to vote YES and continue funding our relationship. If you think this is just about a “flying Dash billboard” you are missing the point. This is about leveraging the attention generating power of my race and stunt planes… and… using them to START the conversation about Dash with QUALIFIED prospects. The businesses that participate at airshows, that generate and spend multiple millions per year. That would benefit GREATLY from using… but would otherwise not know Dash existed without my presence there: Method7, BestTugs, De Motu, My Go Flight

Currently we are pursuing relationships with Garmin Electronics, Jetblue Airways, MultiGP Drones, Reno Air Race Association and more.

The people that attend airshows, that make more, spend more, and are better educated than the average person.

Like I said in my original proposal…

Are the people who attend air shows a good fit for Dash Nation?

I believe so based on information gathered by the International Council of Air Shows through their Event Organizer Survey.

They say:

◦ Air shows attract a well-educated and affluent audience
◦ Close to 70% has some college education
◦ More than 54% report a yearly income of $50,000 or more
◦ And 61.1% of the spectators range in age from 26-49 (because of cryptocurrency inherent privacy, it’s hard to find data on exactly what age bracket uses cryptocurrency the most… but anecdotal reports suggest most people fall in this 26-49 age range).

Furthermore, 87.6% of attendees report recognizing sponsors… and… MORE IMPORTANTLY, 65.3% of attendees report they are likely to try a sponsor’s product or service.

My goal is to get MORE of people like this using Dash. I believe getting QUALIFIED prospects like these is critical for Dash to become accepted in the mainstream.

And in a moment, I’ll explain exactly how I am doing so.

But first, let’s talk money.

Right now, Dash is giving me too much money. In my first proposal I requested 287 Dash. At the time that was worth roughly $30,000 USD.

That may sound like a lot, but - as I pointed out in my first proposal - my two planes alone cost more than a million bucks. And the maintenance costs of two planes, a 10 person team, and entrance fees for the events aren’t cheap either.

Well, Dash has appreciated considerably since then.
Right now that 287 Dash is worth roughly $160,000 USD.

I don’t need that much.

So, going forward, here is what I am requesting. $96,050 USD per month… This breaks down to my cost of operations + 20% profit margin + 10% contingency fee. The funds are being requested in a single payment totalling the whole ask but will only be disbursed based on the following formula:

(Proposal monthly fiat cost) / (30 day moving average of dash) = (# of dash paid out)

So let’s talk totals:

My monthly costs: $96,050 USD
Green Candle Escrow costs: $5,000 USD
Total Monthly cost: $101,050 USD

I have requested a 4 month payout cycle which means the total value of the ask is $404,200 USD divided by the 30 day moving average of Dash 297 USD = 1361 Dash + 5 Dash Fee = 1366 Dash

I will be signing an MOU with Green Candle that will outline the following:

Payment schedule for the release of my monthly requested funds based off the pegged fiat value of my operational costs ($96,050 per month) for four months. After our monthly update call and completion of milestones Green Candle will release the funds based on the 30 day moving average of Dash during the month I’m going to being paid. They will address the issue of the moving price of Dash causing my business operations any issues.

This is different than the per month payout I requested in my first proposal. I’m requesting this for 2 reasons:
  1. First and foremost, I believe Dash is going to skyrocket over the next couple of months. During my first proposal my monthly 287 Dash varied anywhere from $30,000 USD per month to $160,000 USD per month.

  2. Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m getting more than I deserve simply because of appreciation.
By the way, I didn’t pocket the extra money. I put it to good use.

For example, at the Reno show I purchased as much content time on NBC as I could get my hands on. Specifically, I created and bought “Dash to the Finish-line”, a highlight spot focusing complete attention to Dash brand during the 6 episodes (according to Neilsen estimates, NBC Sports reaches 81 million televisions in the U.S.)

Second, I need the lump sum for budgeting purposes.

These air-shows cost a ton to register, attend, and perform at… and many of the fees need to be paid for in advance. Bluntly, it’s just easier for me to budget if I don’t have to guess if one Dash is going to be worth $150 one day or $500 the next.

So what am I going to do with the money?

In a nutshell, I’ve worked out a deal that will force around 100 business to use Dash… and… incentive 250,000 people to do so as well. (The 3 amigos podcast 100 business in 100 days made the challenge. I thought about how to exceed that challenge and do it in a week!)

Let me explain…

If you’ve been following my sponsorship you know my Reno event was a huge success for Dash.

We got a NBC sports “pilot interview” with Dash branding aired on National TV. And NBC broadcast footage from inside my jet with Dash branding too.

Well, next year, the Reno Air Association wants to take our relationship one step further. The plan is to make Dash integral in every transaction that takes place at the event.

First, there will be an option for to buy tickets online using Dash. Much like you can now pay with paypal many places online… Dash will be present in the payment drop-down menu alongside VISA and MASTERCARD.

This will extend to gate tickets as well. Even better, there will be a 10% discount for using Dash. Tickets for these events generally run around $35. So a family of four could save $14 by paying with Dash. Not a paltry amount.

But that’s just for starters…There will be Dash ATM’s inside and outside of the event where users can instantly convert dollars to Dash. Now, that wouldn’t matter much if they couldn’t spend it. But part of the deal requires EVERY vendor inside to accept Dash as payment.

Vendors like:
Beer tents, food stands,souvenirs
STIHL, Garmin, Tesla, etc will be present.

All vendors accepting payment will be required to accept Credit Card, cash and exclusively Dash (Dash incentive with 10% discount)

So a person at the airshow could:
Buy a ticket to the airshow with Dash
Buy a beer inside with Dash
Buy a t-shirt from a vendor with Dash
And save money with each transaction.

In short, as far as I know, this will be the first event ever where attendees could leave their wallet at home and buy anything and everything they want with Dash. Please remember, these are multi-million dollar businesses who would otherwise not be exposed to Dash much less forced to use it.

There’s more, much more, but I think you get the point.

They key to getting widespread adoption of Dash is getting key prospects to USE Dash so they can see the benefit and that’s exactly what will happen at the Reno event.

My fellow masternodes, remember, the Dash branding on the airplanes is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’re not sponsoring a flying billboard. You’re sponsoring the opportunities the flying billboard opens up for Dash. Opportunities I and my team have proven to work tirelessly to exploit.

You’ve seen what I’ve executed over the past six months. You’ve heard the positive reviews from your other masternodes. I’ve laid out a clear plan of action for reaching more qualified prospects moving forward.

Please vote yes on this Dash proposal.

Your yes vote and support will continue to strengthen the ties between the fastest digital currency and the fastest sport on the planet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Farnsworth

P.S. Any Dash left over that is held in escrow by Green Candle will be used to fund future months of my 4 month proposal cycle. For example if after the four months have transpired paying out Dash at the fiat pegged value Dash still exists in this budget it will continue to be paid out against the monthly pegged value until it is drawn down. Then another single request will be made to start the 4 month cycle again.

P.P.S. If you have any questions please post them in the forum below.

P.P.S.S: This proposal originally started in this thread but it was decided to post a fresh thread for discussion. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-aerosports-sponsorship-and-businesses-developement.18008/

Hello @DashRacer
Scott, great to see you in action and focusing on next achievements to make DASH #1!!!
Great vision and Top quality as always!
The opportunities which stand behind this proposal are enormous but you need to have it planned already in mind and you with your team have it seeded and done long time ago.
How can greencandle justify the 5k a month fee it is 5.5% of the monthly draw? Not so sure 5.5% is minimal. Most escrow services are paid by percentage generally 1-2% if it’s over 25k you can get it for less then 1%.