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Pre-Proposal Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF)

Would you fund this proposal?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • I do not know, I need more information.

    Votes: 3 16.7%

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Hello, everyone.

I have met this team thanks to DASH Caracas' events.

They are a young team, who seem to have the focus and energy to do this project whith all their heart.

@Cryptolifex I advice you guys give more details both on the functioning of the page, as @GrandMasterDash and @Dashmaximalist are asking, as in regard to your profesional experience, as @masternube is asking. Make it public on this thread so the community can see it.

As @Cryptolifex has no previous web site to show, we have agreed that the DASH Caracas team will run tests of the platforms once it is ready, and will share the results of those tests, whether they are good or not, in this forum and in our social media end events. This way, we can assure that we are not doing publicity without really trying the product.

Currently, besides this one, there is another pre-proposal for a DASH / VEF exchange (https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/...t-cryptocurrency-exchange-in-venezuela.17614/). Both pre-proposal are very different regarding the budget and the time of implementeation, so I would like that specially the developers of this community can give a look to both and give your professional opinion.
Hello guys! How much DASH have you raised for your proposal?

You have received 2 DASH in donation... how much are you guys putting in?
Will you facilitate IX, thus, setting cryptolifex on the road to becoming a retail payment processing provider?
Hi guys, what's the status of the project ? Counter at http://www.cryptolifex.com/ shows 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds since 1st of March, wasn't it the date you supposed to launch the platform ?

Btw meta description tag on your website shows:
"Examples for creative website header animations using Canvas and JavaScript" visible on google search - which just looks like an unfinished website template

Dear Dash Community

For us it is a great pleasure and we are proud to present our platform today, the whole community can register and check the platform.


As you know, the platform is in the BETA version and can only be used in the Dash Test Net, by regulation of the Superintendencia de Criptoactivos y Actividades Conexas (SUPCACVEN) we can not operate until we have the License.

You can get some Dash from a Faucet on the Dash Test Net, here is the link:


As we said, we would like to activate our platform in our proposal, but we decided to do it before so the whole community worldwide can check it, we hope it will be very pleasant and that our platform will be of great help to the entire Dash community in Venezuela (soon in other countries). We would like to ask for help from the community so we can collect the Fee for the proposal and enter on this cycle, we know that the budget in this cycle is quite tight and there are few Dash that would be available for the small proposals, due to our urgency to obtain the License to start operations and be able to serve the Dash community in Venezuela, we have thought about dividing our proposal into 2 payments, one for this cycle and the other for the next, with half of the payment we can start working on the collection of all the requirements demanded by the Superintendencia de Criptoactivos y Actividades Conexas (SUPCACVEN), the multidisciplinary team requires at least 50% of the $ 13,000 to start to work, also one of the requirements is the office and with the first payment we could cover it.

For any doubt, opinion, suggestion, error or other information you can contact us through the Contact form.

Our Pre-Proposal link:

If you wish to help us to fund our proposal, you can donate here:

Dash address: Xs4Dtc7T3ZhQetT5W8zHZPw7AVPStZQn6B

Once the proposal is approved, donations will be returned. ( If you donate, please leave us the TXID to make the return of the funds). Thank You.
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