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Pre-Proposal: Buy Dash with Google Play.

Do you agree with this proposal? Please explain why in a response

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This proposal would fund the continued development of an Android App called Buy Dash!(not yet release, APK available on request.) At the current point in development, it looks pretty bad, but it functions decently and that is what counts. The primary advantage of this is that it would allow someone to easily buy Dash using their mobile android phone, allowing a large number of people to buy Dash that otherwise wouldn't have been able to. As of this point in time, all transactions are handled manually to ensure maximum security. However, I have plans to implement automatic payments using a java Servlet. If there is anyone who would understand how to make the application look elegant please contact me.

In the case this would not pass the fees would be somewhere between 5% and 10%. If it passes the fees will be as low as possible, almost certainly below 2%. Personally, I like the idea of fees around 0.5%. Fees would go towards primarily future server funding.

5 Dash - Fee Refund
15 Dash - Initial Selling Capital
20 Dash - (Continuing and Already Completed) Development Charge (Going into a fund for college. I am going to major in Computer Science. I plan on developing in the crypto scene, hopefully for Dash)
5 Dash - Professional Security Audit Of Server and Client relationship

TOTAL: 45 Dash

Please let me know what you think. Ask all the questions you've got.
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Why would fees go down if this is passed?
The amount in the proposal designated as "Development Charge" is replacing the majority, or possibly the entirety, of the fees that would have been needed to compensate servers and me.
Why do you think that the app would pass to the Google Play? AFAIR there were major issues with Google frowning to using its payment services to buy cryprocurrency.

Besides, I agree with the question above: how you're going to handle refunds?
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