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Pre-proposal: Airline In-flight media campaign

How long should we propose to run these ads?

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Please fix your proposal on DashCentral https://www.dashcentral.org/p/AirlineIn-flightmediacampaign
and check it time to time in case if anyone will ask you questions there.
Thank you!
Nothing needs "fixing" about this proposal. It's been successfully entered onto the blockchain with all pieces of information successfully entered, including external info URL, https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2969.prop .

DashCentral is correctly displaying that external URL, along with other pieces of data logged on the Dash blockchain. If users on DashCentral are inconvenienced by clicking on the external info URL, @rango could scrape the external info URL so the proposal showed up automatically on his site. He probably hasn't done this, since users click on internet links all day to get to information, and it's not actually a true defect. This is how the proposal system was designed, perhaps in anticipation that various decentralized proposal sites would pop up.

I agree that monitoring all discussion forums is a positive thing that a proposal owner can do.
Yes, we are using previously produced materials to save the Dash treasury hundreds of thousands of Dollars in production fees.

As far as who we are? My name is Zachary Smith and I am the IT professional mentioned in the previous posts. I have been a part of the community since Darkcoin and was a member of the Darkcoin Foundation. I introduced all my team members to Darkcoin/Dash. Also, I have worked with Fernando Gutierrez on setting up servers and test applications for Dash back in 2015, one of them being Mattermost. If Fernando comes across this post I'm sure he will vouch for me.

As far as our roles go, I have been the technical lead but we are all contributing ideas and spreading the workload across each member of our team. Our team leaders are well known and respected in their communities. They may be new to the forum, like you, but they have owned Dash and have been wanting to promote it for some time.

As you can see we have not included the cost of our team’s time in this proposal because we would all love to see Dash become mainstream. - Since we are already stake holders we will all benefit from the increased adoption.

This proposal is a small test run for the community compared to what we would like to propose. Future proposals like this one will include more airlines and will cost more. This is the bare minimum to get an ad into these major airlines. Certified proof of the completion of this project will be provided from the airlines and will be posted to the Dash forum. Jim and Kerry are currently working on another proposal to promote large concerts and well-known comedians. Marketing and event promotion was their profession prior to their retirement. They have contacts with talent agencies and large venues and production companies that I believe would benefit the Dash community in the future.

We have some really big plans for Dash.

UPDATE: July’s in-flight media campaign

Hey everyone,
We want to say thank you for your support for last month’s in-flight media campaign proposal.
That campaign is finalized and is set to air in October on American Airlines, and October through November on Virgin America Airlines. We will post “Proof of Run” docs from the airlines once our campaign airs. We have also had that same video dubbed & translated into Spanish and Japanese, for general use in the Dash community. Please find the links above, in the comments.

This month we have submitted a proposal to extend the air time of our video across American Airlines (+3 months) and Virgin America Airlines (+6 months), as well as include United Airlines in the campaign (3 Months). Adding United Airlines will potentially reach an additional 6,300,000 people during its run.

We will continue to post updates as we receive them. Thanks again for your continued support!
Check it out! 0xfff posted a link to a tweet of someone who saw the Dash video on United Airlines!
DashTweet1.png DashTweet2.png
For those who have not heard about the Bounty, the full details are here.

Thanks again for your support!
I want to see the ad content.

If the ad is good, ballsy, but not too garish; I'd vote for "indefinitely."

TOMA advertising is not about immediate results.

Hi Camo, how are doing? I'd like to message you about something but your settings are such that I can't start a conversation with you.

Could you start a conversation with me please?
Hey @camosoul you can find the link to the video we're running for our In-Flight Media Campaign in our proposal, or right here.

We're glad to see it getting some press! If you're curious about the full Campaign Schedule, you can find it on this forum post.
Although I know most of you have seen the tweets and photos of our ad playing, we have received official Proof of Performance documents from both Virgin America Airlines and United Airlines for the month of October. They can be viewed here:
We will continue to upload Proof of Performance documentation as we receive it from the airlines each month.

Also, here is the full Dash In-Flight Media Campaign Schedule:

October: Virgin America Airlines, United Airlines
November: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines
December: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines
January 2018: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines
February 2018: Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines
March 2018: Virgin America Airlines
April 2018: Virgin America Airlines
May 2018: Virgin America Airlines
Just want to throw an idea here. First tv advertisement on financial channel (cnbc, bloomberg, fox buisness). Theres only one chance to be the first one to do it. Big impact in the cryptosphere and breach in the informed general public...
Just want to throw an idea here. First tv advertisement on financial channel (cnbc, bloomberg, fox buisness). Theres only one chance to be the first one to do it. Big impact in the cryptosphere and breach in the informed general public...
Not on financial channels... That just makes it ponzi.

Sell it to the people. Let the demand feed the infrastructure organically.
Why is that making a ponzi? I dont fear that a viewer who research dash after viewing a ad come to the conclusion that its a ponzi.
What i like about this budget proposal / ad is that according to below article, it could also have the possibility of getting viewed in households nationwide :

Dash Running TV Commercials? First Televised Cryptocurrency Ad


It appears United Airlines uses DirecTV as their television provider. With DirecTV being a major television provider, this could mean that Dash is not only running
in-flight commercials but could also be open to running commercials viewed in households nationwide. This is a huge step for mainstreaming cryptocurrency and
bringing awareness to the industry.
Although United Airlines uses DirecTV as their provider, the Dash ad is only playing on the listed Airlines in the proposal - United, American, and Virgin - at this time.