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Pool List

cpu-pool.net charges insane amounts for withdrawal fees btw, 0.2 manual and 0.1 auto
maybe u should mention that to put pressure on them to lower it!
( copied from bitcointalk, modified to remove dead pool and added new pool)
http://www.drkpool.com/ 1% fee
http://cpu-pool.net/drk/ 1% fee
http://darkcoin.miningpoolhub.com/ 1% fee
http://dark.coinium.org/ 1% fee
http://xhash.net 1% fee
http://drk.justmine.us 1% fee
http://dark.suchpool.pw/ 2% fee
http://mining.darkcointalk.org/ 0% fee
http://dark.minerstation.com/ 0%fee
http://drk.coinmine.pl/ 0% fee
http://drk.althash.eu/ 0% fee
http://drk.forkpool.com 0% fee
www.coinotron.com Workers: 2.5% RBPPS or 1.5% PPLNS
http://drk.poolto.be PROP / 1%
http://pool.darkcoin.me/ china
All p2pool list : http://poolhash.org/

Reply to add another pool and if fee changed
http://www.nimuecrypto.com/ 0% fee, PPLNS, lottery ball incentive, live chat support.
Currently supporting Ltc, Vtc, Drk, and Doge.
Please add to list Ayruel

Thank you for your time,

Sticky'd this thread, thanks for keeping it updated.

Do you mind putting P2Pool on top of the list as this is the real decentralized and official recommended way to mine? :)