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[Pool] dark.SUPRNOVA.CC [0% FEE][MPOS][Support]


New member
Hey folks,

a new Pool is up:


0% fee currently while its pretty new, full suprnova support via email, twitter and forums PM, instant payouts every 60 seconds and every other feature you know from suprnova already.

Msg me if you have any problems or questions, would be cool to see you on the pool soon ! :)
We're also on V11 and on the correct chain:

darkcoind getblockhash 207360

Would love to see a few more hashers on the Pool, added US and EU Proxys, you'll automatically get geo load balanced depending on your IP.
Hey guys, I'm brand new to mining.

Having a bit of trouble. pooler's minerd.exe is running smoothly and connecting to the pool, and I have the pool address and username.workername:[]password configured in the .bat file. (without the [])

minerd.exe --url=stratum+tcp://dash80.suprnova.cc:80 --userpass=JTrebs.BlooCPU:bluesmoke

The issue is that my miner isn't showing as active on the suprnova.cc account.

I had it running for a solid four hours, and it seemed like it was hashing and functioning properly on my end, but it wasn't showing on the pool site.

Thanks for any and all help.