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Please support the smaller pools

The recent orphaned blocks crisis emphasized once again why the current concentration of approximately 70% of the Dash network hashpower on just two pools (Antpool and ViaBTC) is not just bad for the project, but outright dangerous.

Some smaller pools perished during that crisis because miners - understandibly - blamed the pools and the operators for the long streaks of orphaned blocks caused by some large pools (*cough*) not accepting blocks from other nodes anymore - effectively splitting the network into two chains. If it weren't for the trust of our loyal miners, we might have been on the chopping block as well and I'm pretty
sure many other smaller pools felt the heat as well.

Therefore I urge you miners to give the smaller pools a second thought instead of allowing the chinese exercise control over mining and giving them confidence that they can get away with stunts like this.
We are planning to add as much smaller DASH pools as possible in our software. Because actually some users prefer them for their own reasons