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Please help in translations for v12 Wallets

I have one suggestion for source change. You should always use uppercase for Dash, Masternode, Darksend and InstantX, as these are more or less branding terms for Dash. I found some cases where it§s in lower case e.g. instantx looks strange...
Good job!

Another friendly reminder:
You can use "Suggestions" at the bottom right corner there on Transifex and Bitcoin source as a reference https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/tree/0.10/src/qt/locale (find you language there). This should save you some time.
One more tip from my side in case you need to translate specific term, but you are not sure: http://www.microsoft.com/Language/en-US/Search.aspx
It contains translations for all Microsoft products for over 100 languages. You can be then sure you are using the same terminology as it's used in Windows, Office etc.
Is transifex still used? I am starting with translations.

And I would like to share to czechslovak community some informations about how they could help with translations. Where should I look for actual informations?
this is pretty much all project based, u can have a look at transifex and see what is up
android wallet was the latest
(+the above)
Bump for incoming 12.3 release :)

Translators should already have email notifications in their inboxes and I see many of them started working already, so really bumping the thread only for those who have notifications disabled for some reason.

PS. I'm not saying release is ready to go (it's not, still waiting for a pretty huge piece to merge and to test) but at least there is going to be almost no new strings to translate from this point and till the release. There will be maybe one or two strings besides what we already have but these are going to be cmd-line options, so they are not that critical and it's better to have few strings left to translate quickly rather then 100-ish :)