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Plans on having DASH support atomic swaps


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I wonder if there are any plans to get DASH to support atomic swap, as many users are looking into descentralized exchanges and the posibility of exchanging coins without the need of a custodial exchange, atomic swap has been portrait as the end goal that will allow Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcon and other coins like Komodo the exchange of coins at the protocol level thanks to the adoption of these atomic swaps.

My guess is that other altcoins will follow to fill that need from the users. Is DASH doing something regarding these atomic swaps?

I've tested Dash on BLOCK DX and it worked fine - they say their exchange is a DEX based on atomic swaps, but the actual mechanism is having two fully synced core wallets on the machine (e.g. Bitcoin Core, Dash Core plus Blocknet Core and BLOCK DX). Once a trade (e.g. DASH-BTC) is made in BLOCK DX, two transactions are made at the agreed rate based on metadata in the Blocknet blockchain for both users on the Bitcoin and Dash blockchains at the same time. Pretty cool, but will be a whole lot cooler when they can do it with SPV instead of full wallets.
We were sold a fairy tale about how Dash Core and Team Bcash would put Evil Blockstream to rest, using superior on-chain Layer One scaling, but that fairy tale has turned into a horror movie as Dash slides down the rankings and our devs fall down bottemless namespace paradox rabbit holes.

So does that means DASH will have Smart contracts and 32MB blocks soon? I mean we were the first to talk about 1GB blocks.
AFAIK Dash supports atomic swaps.

It's on:
Waves Dex (https://wavesplatform.com/product/dex)
OpenLedger Dex (https://openledger.io/market/DASH_BTC)
CryptoBridge Dex (https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.DASH_BRIDGE.BTC)
Block DX (https://www.blocknet.co/coins/)
There can be more of them, I didn't search more

Look at this post:
Atomic Cross Chain Transfer (ACCT)
4. ACCT using Check Lock Time Verify (CLTV)
... ACCT using CLTV is superior in that it does not have the transaction malleability issues of ACCT using refund transactions ...
OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY is supported by Dash. So it's working...
An attempt to clear up a few misconceptions from above...

But Dash runs an intentionally crippled fork of Bitcoin Core that has RBF, segwit, etc. removed for purely political (NOT TECHNOLOGICAL) reasons.
For anyone interested in some technical rationale for not implementing these features (written by a Dash developer), the recent blog post covered these topics.

Sigh. Re-read this:
No segwit means no malleability fix, and malleable transactions preclude atomic swaps and Lightning. End of story.
Also, mentioned in the blog post. Segwit was merely one method of resolving transaction malleability and is by no means the only possibility. It is a transaction malleability fix (not Segwit) that enables easier implementation of Lightning.