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People who would like to participate in a Dash hard fork.


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The Masternode Owners deny the obvious, so I create this thread in order to join together everybody who would like to participate in a dash HARD FORK.

I almost know how to do a hard fork, and I could give advices to you. Lets organize ourselves. Please post your name, and whatever else information about you, in order for us to be able to contact eachother, in the bad case where the hard fork will turn from just a threat to a cruel reality.

This is not a discussion thread! Only post your name, your info, and for what reason you think a dash hard fork is needed. Each forum member should post just one message here (you may edit the message of course whenever you like). If you post here, dont forget to watch the thread.

NAME: @demo
REASON WHY THE HARD FORK IS NEEDED: Lower the proposal fee, vote the numbers.

state your reasons clearly , dont just post dump posts
@Dashmaximalist, I think my reasons are clear. A hard fork is needed as long as the MNOs do not lower the proposal fee and as long as the core team does not allow the MNOS to vote using numbers.
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I am a miner from Brazil, when I looked at the Dash project I could see a great future in this coin, which I also found the mining satisfactory, we all knew that the difficulty would increase due to the D3 launches and obviously the profitability would decrease, but not which would extinguish the miners forever. Many people (just like me) invested their money and their savings believing in the project and that the community was strong not only in infrastructure but also in competent governance. I believe that there is an equivocation in the mining network and now to the point that we have arrived, it is no use to keep pointing the finger to blame each other, we must focus on the problem and the solution.

1. Will Dash Mining Continue?
2. Yes, what can we do to improve?
3. Fork on the Net? Okay, do this.
4. Is not it a fork? Okay, so manipulate the fucking difficulty

Do what needs to be done.
We are a community, both masternodes and miners are all investors, we must unite and do whatever it takes to improve for everyone and that the project continues to grow and that Dash can value every day.