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WTB Panama Land Investments Selling for Crypto Currency

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Our investment group is selling some of its land assets in Panama and accepting most crypto currencies. We were not ready for the boom 18 months ago when crypto-ites came clammering from all over the world to buy Panama land.
BUT, we are ready now.

The selection ranges from house lots at US$15K up to project development parcels for US$2 million. We will sub-divide to help make a purchase fit any investment budget.
All investments are held in corporations, so you can simply buy the corporate stock to simplify the transaction and maintain privacy.

All properties have ocean views and are typically in the mountains with fantastic vistas.
One is on a Caribbean beach with a river along one side flowing from the jungle to the ocean.
One mountain property overlooking the Caribbean has 10 rain-forest water springs that flow into the ocean and we already have the business license for bottling water.
Most overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Opportunities abound in the upcoming "Singapore of the Americas".
If you need help, we can assist you with lawyers, architects, engineers, development of property or just "parking" your investment.

We pay commissions to those who bring us buyers from the crypto currency world. The more engaged you are, the higher the commission.

We have our own Bed & Breakfast that you can book on the Pacific Coast, when visiting the properties.

Here are links to some current available properties:
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