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Now this is a great community video

LOL, I was wondering where they got the money to put such a sleek presentation together, but they just used a PayPal commercial, which of course is NOT new money :p But that was a great video, paypal did done good!
Its cool, but it's not very good. It's basically stocks images with very low quality basic after-effects. What is good it the editing to the music. Gives it a nice dynamic rhythm to it, but again, nothing fancy or difficult to do. The bitcoin logo on the mobile phone is actually quite comical how bad it is... one could almost argue it's done on purpose as an artistic thing... but it's not :tongue:

The only budget that video had was the time it took to make.

alex-ru has done much better stuff for Dash

Check this one out, it's much longer, but also much better IMHO

I get it now... this was the legit PayPal video that got jacked and mangled up by someone who slapped the Bitcoin logo over it.

Just saw the original one, and the original does make perfect sense in a design kind of way.