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New to DRK and new to mining, help please.....


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I have been sitting on the sideline because I knew that I missed the boat on bitcoin. A friend of mine recently told me about darkcoin and I was intrigued. Everything about it seems like it is the next great thing in cryptocurrency. True anonymity, less power to mine were the main reasons. I hope that I'm not too late to start mining, but I don't even know where to start to get a rig up and running. Have looked around and I know I could just use the specs from some of the builds available on ebay, but I don't have too much money to dump and will be starting this as more of a hobby project. I have an older server with a quad xeon and 16 gigs of ram. What would be a good and cheap card to go pick up at best buy to get started with this? I know it has to be AMD, just looking for opinions.
Thanks for the help.
LOL> Yeah? Which ones do you recommend? The one that doesnt work with ccminer or the one that is horribly optimized and not worth a damn?
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