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New simple and elegant gadget for control your crypto funds!


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Hi everyone,

I am young student and developer interested in bitcoin and other crypto currs. Now I am working for small crypto gadget application for windows.
I think this gadget can be useful for control crypto funds... and compare with real value.

- simple and elegant, 3 step for use it:


- support is guaranted
- open source code - no scam, no viruses
- support for 350+ crypto
- support for 7 world currencies
- tested on win 7 and 8.1

Download page: http://www.rsjdeveloper.com/cgwin/gadget.html

source code: https://github.com/trevor3/cryptogadget

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManCrypto

Please donate for more crypto developer services:
BTC: 16pju4mLRwkWwuYVNHsvoENLymKzwGkr78
NXT: 1649983070336958363

Thanks a lot !
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I like this!! But I'm on a Mac. If the masternodes deliver, by this time next year I'll be a full time Mac coder.