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P2Pool New p2pool node for south east asia miners (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia)

khairil anuar

New member

We just setup new P2pool hosted in Singapore node of DigitalOcean. If you are mining within South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc..), please test for latency of this node.

We offer incredible 0.25% low fee now! miners are welcome to join our pool.


Use the following information to start;

Pool URL: stratum+tcp://dash.infinitum.com.my:7903
User ID: (Your dash wallet address)
Password: x (will be ignored by pool)

many thanks,
- Khairil
Dude, if the developers do nothing with this
- then neither your nor my p2pool nodes will be needed by anyone (
Developers can only fix smth that is broken, I already explained it few times https://github.com/dashpay/dash/issues/1822 https://github.com/dashpay/p2pool-dash/issues/43. If protocol works as designed but miners refuse to spread their hashes among many smaller pools (and instead they prefer to use just a few huge ones) then it's not developers who are to blame imo.
after reading the discussion links it seems more like dash network/protocol issue rather than p2pool codebase.

any workaround so far, How about downgrading to dashd?