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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hey there!
My name is Ivan my name is Ivan and I'm the Co-founder & Senior Desiger for creativeplanet(dot)network
We are a team of several designers working together to change the visual of the best projects in the market :)
Hi, every body i am from Venezuela, part of Cagua dash team, our expectation is give more value to dash community. Thank have a nice day. Cpa, life coach, and enterpeneur.regards
Hey everyone!

My name's Joe- I handle marketing for Bitaccess, a fintech and blockchain services company based out of Ottawa, Canada (although the team is scattered all over the world.)

I'm here because I think Dash is one of the best privacy-focused projects out there, and we're interested on listing it on our instant exchange product Faast (more on that later).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! :)

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Arts Creative Writing. I love writing and reading. I'm a massive movie and TV buff and love any kind of creative content. Currently, I am working as a creative content manager at Assignmentcamp.
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