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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello Guys...

I'm Richard Mendoza the first Crypto Goldsmith and one of the first entrepreneurs to use Dash as a payment method in Venezuela and the World.

Big hug.
I've made the thread sticky so it doesn't sink.

To all the new members:
  • You are all welcome. Most members are really nice, but there can always be someone who isn't. Don't worry about them.
  • Sometimes written communications may lead to miss interpretations. When in doubt, chose the most favourable interpretation.
  • Crypto in general, and Darkcoin in particular, are complex. Don't worry if you don't understand. Read. Ask. Repeat.
Enjoy, this should be fun!!!
Hello! I'm a newbie here, I just join your community and i like to share and gain some valuable knowledge from you all. So I like to introduce myself, I am Bill Ceasar.
Hello DASH Community, I am here in representation of our DASH Trujillo community, from now on, I will make some post and updates of our projects to keep you informed. Projects in favor of the DASH ecosystem and contributing to Venezuela becoming the first DASH Nation! Regards,
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