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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello from me. im new to dash but have been around bitcoin for a long time. just about to purchase my first load of dash
I've made the thread sticky so it doesn't sink.

To all the new members:
  • You are all welcome. Most members are really nice, but there can always be someone who isn't. Don't worry about them.
  • Sometimes written communications may lead to miss interpretations. When in doubt, chose the most favourable interpretation.
  • Crypto in general, and Darkcoin in particular, are complex. Don't worry if you don't understand. Read. Ask. Repeat.
Enjoy, this should be fun!!!
I've been a Bitcoin fanatic since 2011 and just recently came on board with DASH. I've got similar ideas as DASH for my crytocurrency-only web advertising network in the area of governance. I want to use crypto to create and issue dynamic equity and transferrable assets from web traffic. I've learned that many things can be "money" and, so, I start with the idea web traffic is money BUT ... it is crappy money. I hope to turn web traffic into cryto and use the blockchain to let earners prove their earnings (if they choose) and sell the "contract" and future earnings that result from the web traffic.
Thanks for the post... concerning the day when the miner rewards run out.

As long as "valued added service" is not just a plug word.... and actually delivers VALUE to the customer- not just the masternodes .. then you have a win.
Otherwise the "value added services" end up being " CENTRAL BANK LIKE FEES" and this will not be a good thing. Also- limits may have to be established on the # of masternodes to keep these "value added fees" from spiraling out of control to the consumer - while keeping pace with growing number of masternodes.... any consideration to the mgmnt of the masternodes? Prob to early for that...but seems to be a long term issue many might be overlooking in crypto....thanks for the post.
Another new guy wishing he had started buying bitcoin back when I first heard about it. ;) I have to give credit to @amanda_b_johnson for educating be on dash and the benefits of its self funding model. Thanks to everyone that did all of the work to get dash where it is now.

It is just a little scary to see the price go up so fast.
I would advise anyone against buying DASH.

Livecoin.net has proven that it is a flawed exchange.
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Good afternoon everyone,

I used to be fairly heavily involved in crypto (esp. altcoins) a few years ago but life got in the way and I had to
go on hiatus for awhile. I'm back though and ready to jump back in with both feet.

About me:

I'm a married mother of 2 boys (ages 15 and 22) living in Deland, FL. I'm a huge gamer (mainly old school
paper and dice gaming, but some MMO too) and sci fi fan.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and can't wait to get things rolling again!


DASH STILL DOWN ON LIVECOIN.NET - DDOS ATTACK - I would HIGHLY advise people to use bittrex.com as an exchange and avoid livecoin.net
Good evening from Europe, Italy!
I am New to this forum; Absolutely love your block completion reward structure and corporate governance; Primary reason I have such a positive view on this currency! I have some questions to ask after I gain some reputation!
Hi All

Niko, entrepreneur here from Johannesburg, South Africa. Have been involved in the Information Technology space for about 13 years now, 2 years or so have been involved in Blockchain technology starting with Bitcoin. The first year was educating and understand the possibilities of blockchain technology, the second year was starting projects with a great network and team, faithfully, this year will see the realisation of these dreams.

I am in awe of DASH, specifically the governance model and self-governance model. It is a beauty to behold. I have spend a good portion of my time studying social and business groups and models and DASH is a shining example of good self-governance. The world is littered with bad governance, from governments at large to business organisations and service models. It is exciting to be in a time where a community can come together for the fair benefit of the many, not the few.

I am part of a business called The Blockchain Company in South Africa and our main aim is to progress the use and development of blockchain technology.

DASH comes into my life as mentioned above, via the beautiful governance model, as well as the ambitions that DASH has planned in every aspect. The logic of the DASH community is very infectious and would be ill-advised for anyone to ignore what the stakeholders have done and are doing in the blockchain technology space.

We are as a group are forging a path to be part of every aspect that DASH has to offer, so that includes Masternodes, mining, and governance model.

Huge fan of Amanda! She has been fantastic.

Excited about this journey!

This is the exact same reason why I see Dash succeeding!
Hi! I'm Alex. I'm developer and security researcher.
I'm with Dash from Feb 2016. There are some thoughts, so I decided to register here. ;)
I'm not necessarily new as I've been on the slack channel for a bit....but I am new to the forums. I figured that I need to get established on here. I'm loving the DASH celebration of going above $100!

I'm a graphic/web designer and I'm also a musician. I play drums in the band Steal The Prize - stealtheprize.com as well as making modern funk music in Ableton at JonathanMcMillan.cloud/
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